Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Tar Skills

Dad has a 'tar and we play together all the time.  It's pretty awesome but I'm not a very big toddler-peep, so it's hard for me to play.  That's why I'm pretty sure I need a peep-sized 'tar.  How great would that be?!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm twenty-eight today, Peeps!

I guess when you get old you get busy.  That's probably why I missed the twenty-seven update.  But don't worry, I'll get all caught up now!

I've grown pretty giant now that I'm twenty-eight.  I'm probably about twenty-six pounds and I wear mostly size 2T.  Unless it's my favorite frog shirt and then 18 months fits just fine.  My footies are about a size five.  Huge.  AND, my big news - I'm getting new teeth!  I've had two canines poke through and two more are coming soon.  That puts my grand total at fourteen teeth.  I'm pretty excited about my new teeth and mom is pretty excited that I don't ever have any symptoms of teething.

I am still a pretty awesome sleeper.  At night I go to bed between 8:15 and 8:45 pm.  I have to have all my guys - Elmo, Hank, Hanky-blankey, pink-blanket and my b-gucks.  I sleep about eleven hours at night and most mornings I wake up singing.  I think a nice loud round of "Jingle Bells" is the best way to start the day.  I nap about 2-3+ hours a day, usually about 1:30 - 4ish pm.  I love my cribby but I've been a very flexible-peep lately and I'll nap and sleep in my little cribby (pack and play) and Grandma and Papa's if there's too much 'struction at my house.

I'm a pretty good eater as long as I get my favorite stuff.  For breakfast I like to eat daddy-cereal (Flax Plus hidden in a Frosted Flakes box) and then a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and applesauce.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know.  The rest of the day I eat different things like turkey, hot dogs, pasta, maca, cheese, carrots, broccoli, fruit, yoguck (yogurt), and more.  I really love bagels, berries, watermelon and cookies, but I eat some healthy stuff too, just to appease mom.  I'm not much of a snacker unless you're eating a cookie nearby.  I can always stop playing and share a cookie.

I'm pretty busy playing these days.  I love to play compando (piano) and dance and sing.  I like my little compando but I really love playing the giant compando at Grandma and Papa's house.  I also love playing Dr. Peep and giving my guys and mom and dad check-ups.  And playing the "resting time" game is fun too - I tuck my guys in, sing them songs and make sure they have a nice rest.

I'm really into art projects right now too.  I love stickers the most but I also like to do painting skills and marker skills.  I'm working on my scissor skills but so far I'm not quite a professional scissorer.  When I'm not working on art-skills, I love playing outside.  I am pretty awesome at park-playing-skills.  I even slide sitting now - I don't even have to go on my belly anymore.  I don't really like parks with sand, but rocks are okay.  I also like to play water table and go for walks.

I'm an extra chatty toddler-peep these days.  Some of my favorites chatters include asking "are we there yet" approximately two seconds after the car starts, asking "why" with unrelenting repetition, and telling mom and dad "you have to slow down, you're driving too fast!" regardless of their speed.  I like to keep it interesting.  Most people say I speak in paragraphs - I can't help it, I have a lot to say.  I also love singing and a lot of the time I prefer to narrate my day through song.  Mom says I get that from my great-grandma Sita.  

I don't have any special activities right now but I get to do lots of adventures and playing.  Mom has worked extra hard to find me fun places to go and fun people to play with while she rests her belly.  But soon I start school!!  I can't wait.  I'm especially excited because Bella is going to be in my class.

Well, that about covers my twenty-eight update.  I think it's going to be a big month.  Mom has been talking about how we're about to run out of diapers and and never buy any again.  I use the potty all the time anyway, no big deal.  But I'm still skeptical about this whole potty training plan.  And mom has also mentioned the impending arrival of the b-guck fairy.  Whoa.  I may as well move out and start college - it's like I have to become an adult this month.  The good news is that dad is looking out for me and I know he won't let the b-guck fairy in the house to steal all my b-gucks if I'm not quite ready.

Yep, I may be twenty-eight but I'm still a turkey.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Holy buckets, Peeps!  I have been the the worst peep-blogger ever!  I've been living at Grandma and Papa's house for almost two weeks.  That means two weeks of playing and going on walks and going to playgrounds and watching Donald Duck videos and not working on computer skills.  But pretty soon I'll be back home and then I'll totally be an awesome blogger-peep again.  In the meantime, how about a flashback?!

Pretty cute August-peep, huh?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I had a pretty fun Tuesday around these parts.  I could tell it was going to be a good day so I decided to get up extra early.  Everything is more fun at 6:45 am.

After some cereal and etmo I got dressed for the day.  Theme: Hearts.  I got a lunch packed and I was ready to go.

It's always a fun time when I get to play at Bella's house.  I was a little nervous at first - sometimes there are giant mowers at her house.  I don't love the mowers.  At all.  Luckily it wasn't mower day.

After I played with Bella I worked on my spinning-in-circles-while-singing-the-ABCs skills. I'm pretty talented.

I finished off the day playing a billion toys and games and skills with dad.  We even walked to the park.  Awesome.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've been a pretty delinquent blogger-peep.

I've been busy spending time at Grandma and Papa's house while the workers make a mess at my house.

But pretty soon they're going to be done and then I'll have a brand new playroom!

And then I promise to work on my computer-skills again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


While mom took a shower I decided to get dressed for work.  And then I told her, "I'm going to work with daddy.  I won't be home until, like, 11 o'clock."

Monday, August 6, 2012


Cupcakes are pretty much my favorite thing in the world.  And I've learned quickly: party = cupcake.

That's why I'm so super happy that it's birthday party season.  So many cupcakes to munch!

And the best part - once in a while mom actually lets me eat the whole cupcake!