Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fluff Cut

Yikes, it's like Lu thinks she owns this blog or something. She sure blabbers on a lot.  The good news is that I have my own exciting news.

After three and a half years I decided it was time to spruce up my look. At first I was thinking of getting extensions or becoming a redhead.

But then I opted for something a little less complicated. I got my first haircut! It was pretty awesome too - I sat in a big cushy chair and watched a show. 

Lu watched me get my haircut. I think she was jealous. I was all, "Lu, grow some fluff and you can come back and get a trim too!"

At the end my stylist used a special fluff-drier.

Then she added a barrette and sparkles and I was done. I loved it. I even got a sticker and a spider ring after. There was a candy bowl too but mom was all, "She doesn't need any candy," and I was all, "Hey pot, meet kettle."

I think my fluff trim turned out pretty well. I still have curls (I was only slightly worried about losing them) and no more mullet!

I can't wait until my next fluff cut.  When I turn seven.

Throwback Wednesday

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pitter Patter

Sure, I've been taking steps for a month. But now? Now, I walk for fun. Basically I rule. Next up, cartwheels.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I'm basically all grown up now. I eat real foods. (I especially like the ones that are floor-flavored.) I walk. And I drink out of a big girl cup. Next week I'll learn to drive.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I may not be the biggest baby on the block...

... but I really can't be all the bitty...

... if I'm wearing Sissy Juj's clothes nine months before she wore them...

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Today mom took me and Juj on a ridiculous adventure.

I mean, it probably would have been fine if it didn't involve outside time in the pouring rain.

And it probably also would have been fine if mom had remembered to feed me during the eleventy hours we were out.

Luckily I was able to scream loud enough to convince her to get me some lunch. Real lunch. None of that puffed-rice-fake-cookie-tastes-like-paper crap.

(Incidentally she tried to start me with the aforementioned crap. It mostly landed all over the floor. And then people judged mom. She probably deserved it.)

I shared my mac and cheese with Juj. Because sharing is kind.

I shoveled it in at record speed. I was so hungry I didn't even waste time choking. There's no time for finger sweeps when you're that famished.

I basically had mac and cheese everywhere. I was a disaster. A delicious, cheesy disaster. With a side of an entire four ounce yogurt.

Lunch was so good I almost forgot that mom withheld the boobie-flavored-boobie for over six hours. Almost.

Friday, October 18, 2013


You know what never gets old if you're my mom? Outfit-comparison skills.

I mean, I don't mind playing "Who Wore it Best?" I know I'll always win.

But sometimes I just want to be my own person. It seems eleventy bins of hand-me-downs suggest I have a better chance of getting a pony.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Owl Art

I really love art projects and I really love Halloween.

So I was pretty excited when mom was all, "Peep, I have a special art project for us to work on!" It was awesome! Owls and pumpkins and balloons and billions of teeny tiny pieces. Mom was a bit dramatic about it once we got started. She was all, "This project is harder than the Bar Exam," and I was all, "Mom, it says ages six and up, get a grip."

I think we did a pretty awesome job and Lu didn't even choke on any of the pieces. Win!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Apparently Juj thinks she can just hijack my blog. Lame. I'm doing awesome stuff too. I lick floors, chew cords, lick chairs, crawl under tables, and lick stuff.

When I'm not working on licking skills, I'm working on my standing and stomping skills.

I'm getting to be a pretty awesome stander. I can stand for a long time and even play toys while I stand. I probably multi-task better than mom.

But even better, when properly motivated, I can take three or four stomps. But mostly crawling is faster so don't expect me to stomp on command. I'm not a circus performer.

I totally know how to run. I just choose not to. For now. But it's coming.

Also on the list of awesome skills? Posing for a flash camera. I'm awesome with a flash.

I should probably get into modeling because I'm so great with a flash.

Mom is super excited for the weather to get cold because then we'll be stuck only taking pictures inside. Bring on the flash!

I basically rule.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


About a week ago I got to put my cheering skills to the test. It was time to watch Papa run a big race. I invited Lu but she was all, "I think I'll stay home and nap."  Lame.

It was a bit chilly out so I wore a billion layers.

I watched for a while to see if I could spot Papa. I spotted a weird furry guy and some people in tutus and some speedy runners and not so speedy runners.

Even though it was against my policy last year, this year I was older and more mature, so I even high-fived the runners. Don't worry, mom hand-sanitized the bejeebus out of my hands afterward. She even made me eat my donut hole with my untainted hand. Yes, she's a little insane.

And then I spotted Papa! He was pretty excited to spot me too! And mom was pretty excited that the fannie pack she had in 1982 was still being well-used.

 I was so happy that Papa paused to see me.

I'm an excellent Papa-cheerer because I have so many years of practice.  Two years ago I was just a tiny-cheerer.

Last year I was a pensive-cheerer.

But this year I was an amazing cheerer. And Papa basically won!

Monday, October 14, 2013


I mega love Halloween. The good news for me is that mom also loves Halloween. 

So yesterday I was all, "I think it's time for a family adventure!"

And Lu was all, "I love adventures! How about we go somewhere we can lick floors and chew cords!" Not exactly what I had in mind.

Instead I brought everyone to the trolley for a trolley ride to the pumpkin patch. Yay!

I was probably the best dressed princess-peep on the trolley. No surprise there. At least no one told me I looked like Beyonce (I'm not even kidding, that happened earlier in the day).

The trolley was amazing. It had billions of Halloween decorations all over it.

Lu thought it was pretty neat too, even though there was a "no climbing or floor licking" rule. 

When we got to the pumpkin patch I decided to get inked. I picked spiders and named them Itsy, Bitsy and Mitsy. I love spiders. When they're tattoos. And not real. And not on my ceiling.

We searched and searched for the perfect pumpkins. Dad is an expert pumpkin picker so he helped advise me. We ended up with excellent choices and poor lighting to document said choices. I blame the photographer.

We had the best time on our trolley pumpkin adventure. I can't wait until the next Halloween activity. Hopefully it involves candy.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Senior Pictures

Just throwing around a couple ideas. Senior pictures are just seventeen years away. Lulu Babypants, Class of '31.  Has a nice ring to it.