Monday, August 4, 2014


Time flies when you're an old lady. I'm nineteen!

Nineteen seems to be a lot like eighteen. My days are filled with playing and coloring and begging for snacks and coloring. And wandering upstairs for find Herbie and guck because mom makes me leave them in my room. Mega-lame.

I had my eighteen appointment mid-month. I was 22 lbs 8 oz and 31 inches (35th percentile!). Yep, that's right, I'm practically super-model tall. I am still in 5 diapers (but 4s fit too) and I'm still in mostly 18 month clothes. Shirts I can wear bigger, pants I can wear smaller. My fluff is still curly. I have two more teeth now and they are pointy sharp! That puts my total at 8 on top and 6 on the bottom. 

I like to spend my days coloring. I love markers and crayons and I'm pretty excellent at getting the tops on and off myself. And it's not too often that I try out the markers on my own hands. I also love reading books. I still read my baby board books but I really love picture books these days. Clifford is a major favorite. So are Baby Beluga and my Truck book and all of Juj's library books. I also like to play doctor kit and give people check ups. And anything else Juj is doing I love to do.

I love Sissy Dog and she's remarkably tolerant about my love. I give her lots of treats, that helps. And Juj and I feed her breakfast and dinner. We are super helpful. Speaking of food, I'm still an excellent eater most of the time. I'll try anything, especially things that other people are eating. I'm really loving carrots right now. Ask me what I want for lunch and I'll always say bread and cheese and berries. Mom doesn't always comply. Lame. I still don't really care for milk. Not my fault. I didn't take away my delicious bottles, mom did.

Juj is still my most favorite person so I try and do everything she does. I wasn't so sure about nail polish but she wanted her nails done so I was all, "Okay, let's paint my finnies too." But I draw the line at tattoos. I just don't want any tats no matter how many Juj has.

My chatters are coming along. I don't have a good count on words anymore. I'll try and say almost anything but I'm comically terrible at repeating a lot of things. 90% of what I say can only be understood by mom and dad and Juj. But I like it that way, it's like a built-in privacy policy. Some things are becoming more clear. For example, I now say Elmo and up clearly (formerly mama and bup). I can complete some of my favorite books and songs. I still have a ways to go before I'll be ready to give speeches but I'm coming along.

My snoozing skills are still solid. I go to sleep around 8 pm and wake around 7 am. I am always happy when I wake. I just lay in bed and growl and snorgle my guys until Juj comes in. She will give me books and turn on my music and then I hang out in my crib a while longer. After that mom will come in and get me and help me use the potty (I go a couple times a day on the potty) and then I get dressed. It's a pretty good morning routine. I nap about 1.5-2 hours a day.

I LOVE Mickey. I ask for Mickey ("muh-muh") a lot. Mom is pretty lame but dad will totally let me and Juj watch in the morning while he's getting dressed. Obviously he loves me more than mom does. I also love to play iPhone. I am an expert. I like to play games, look at pictures, call people, and take billions of selfies. 

Nineteen is going to be a good one. My last month before my upgrade to middle child! I can't wait. Juj is my very best friend and now I'm getting another best friend. I hope Buster is as awesome as Juj.