Saturday, June 22, 2013


This weekend I've been practicing my only-child skills. It's hard work to find ways to entertain myself without Juj around. So far I've done some rolling skills, drooling skills, camera-licking skills, and napping skills.

So when mom was all, "Stu, do you want to have a playdate with Emma?" I was all, "Obvious!" 

It was mega fun to see her.

I was particularly interested in grabbing her eyeballs. Mom tried to discourage this. Lame. First she's all, "Stu, you need to work on your fine motor skills," and then she's all, "Stu! We don't grab eyeballs!" It'd be swell if she could make up her mind.

We stretched out to see how much we've grown.

I think our growing skills are pretty excellent. We've gotten giant.

And then I tried to grab her eyeballs again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


So, my sister warned me about this.

But I have to admit, I didn't believe her. I thought she was being dramatic. Which wouldn't be the first time.

But she was right.

Mom takes eleventy billion pictures all day long.

All. Day. Long.

Big camera, little camera, it doesn't matter.  I'm pretty sure she'd try and take pictures with a shoe if she thought it might work.

It's insane. But, I also understand. I mean, I'm incredibly good looking, all chubby and drooly with an epic bald spot. I can see the appeal. I don't blame her. And as a result, I smile for her. A lot. I'm awesome.

Juj seems to suffer from camera-fatigue. Or a severe case of toddler-peep. Either way, most of the time I'm all smiley and awesome while mom is shrieking, "Juj look here, look at my eyes, is there a bug on my nose, smile, a real smile, show me your teeth, doooooon't smile, laugh, Juj, look here, JUJ!" It's ridiculous.

But when it works, we're basically the cutest ever.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Let me begin by saying that boobie-flavored boobie is still my favorite. I just want to be clear.

But I'm getting older and my taste buds are maturing. Not only do I love boobie-flavored boobie, I also enjoy b-gucks, hands, mom's shoulder (preferably bare), Sophie giraffe, the carpet, and washcloths (preferably pre-soaked in dirty bath water).  So the other day mom was all, "Stu, it's rainy, I'm bored, want to try something new?"

And I was all, "Mmmm plastic bib! This is a nice change from the cotton ones!"

Apparently that's not what mom had in mind. And apparently I was "lacking focus" in my plastic bib so it was removed.  Lame.  But then something amazing happened.

Oatmeal! Mom couldn't shovel it in fast enough. For real. So I tried to help.

Turns out, my hands are even better when they are oatmeal flavored.

I can't say that my tongue entirely understood what it was supposed to do, so I may have leaked a tiny drop or two.

But I hear oatmeal is good for the skin, so if I did spill a little, it was totally on purpose.

Mom made sure to emphasize that I'm still pretty young for food and I won't be getting oatmeal treats everyday.  Lame.  But that's fine.  I bet Juj will share hers with me, and they spike hers with applesauce and cinnamon!

I think this food situation is going to work out just fine. But I better still get boobie-flavored boobie a lot. Like at night. Especially 1 am. 

*No Stu-Peeps were left unattended on tables in recalled Bumbo seats for the making of this blog post.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I've probably told you this before, Peeps, but I really mega love bath time.  It's probably my favorite time of day aside from boobie-flavored-boobie time.

Baths have always been fun, but now that I'm pretty much grown up I love it even more.  Here are some of my favorite parts.

I love when my sister helps to scrub me.  She's pretty excellent at peeplet-scrubbing and only sometimes dumps the water over my head.

I love my toy ball.  I haven't quite figured out how to munch it but I'm trying.

I really love flailing myself until I'm nearly completely submerged. 

I love munching my washcloth.  Nothing quite as delicious as the sweet taste of dirty bath water with a hint of baby pee.

 But do you know what I love most?

Practicing my signature move, the mega-flail.  I figure if I practice hard, pretty soon I'll be able to completely fling myself out of the tub.  Awesome.

When I'm done bathing, I always like to check myself out and make sure I'm looking chubby-rific.  I clean up pretty good.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There's always some 'struction going on at my house.  My dad is usually building something or fixing something.  He's pretty much the handiest guy ever.  Except the one time he accidentally aggravated our basement situation.

And now we have drain tile!  I don't really know about drain tile except it means that all your basement stuff gets moved to the living room and workers come and make a mess.

After the workers made a mess of the basement we got to do some arts and crafts hand prints!  Dad went first, then mom.

Uncle Jeff prepped Loulou for her turn while I fussed through mine.  I have a policy about dirty hands...

Loulou tried to make a hand print but her hands only make fists.

So she made a footie print instead.

 She may have dipped her jammas in the cement a little too.  Fail.

Our art project turned out pretty awesome.  Sissy Dog didn't want to participate.  Something about fur and cement not mixing.