Sunday, December 29, 2013


Woohoo! Santa came to my house a few days ago! I was a little worried when mom and dad suggested he wouldn't show up if I fussed or whined or pushed Lulu, but apparently he's a forgiving guy.

Just to be sure he brought a billion toys, I left him cookies and milk and carrots for his reindeer. 

And in the morning there were presents! And a playhouse! And presents!

I was very excited to see Harry Deer and Mavis Penguin finally made their way to the stockings. They've been hiding all around the house for the month. Now we get to play with them everyday.

We started with stockings. I got some art supplies and make up (chapstick), and Reese's Pieces (!). Lulu got binkies and toothbrushes. Lame.

I think my new make up is pretty awesome.

After breakfast we played playhouse for a while. It's awesome. There's even a doorbell.

We love our playhouse.

Finally it was time for more presents! Lu was pretty interested in studying tiny paper scraps.

Since Lulu isn't an expert present-opener yet I helped her a little. Santa brought her a xylophone! Incidentally I'm pretty sure Santa brought me the same xylophone when I was a baby...

I got some new books. Thank goodness. I probably only have eleventy billion. Not nearly enough.

Lulu got a baby broom. She has to earn her keep, you know. Plus, it's not like mom is sweeping. Maybe Lu can pick up the slack.

Sissy Dog got a present too - a squeaky Santa!

And then someone, I won't name names, wandered off with Santa.

Santa did pretty well with the playhouse, but just to seal the deal, he brought me a giant box of art supplies. Art projects are my favorite ever. He knows me so well.

After presents the room was a little messy.

And taking a group picture sounded lame. Who has time for pictures when there are art projects to be done? Plus Lu was all, "Will you people pleeeeeeease put me down for a nap already?"

But just to be nice I cooperate for one quick picture.
Merry Christmas, Peeps!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hi Peeps. It's been a while, but I have great news - we're mostly not sick anymore. Mom and dad are a bit snuffly, and I cough a little sometimes, but Lulu is totally better. We were only sick for most of the month, no big deal.

At least we're better in time for cookies and presents and Santa!

Lu is happy to not be tortured with breathing treatments anymore. To celebrate, she is getting more teeth!

Since we are all feeling better, I was all, "Mom, we better take a picture for our destined-to-be-late Christmas cards!" I could show you the pictures we picked, but it's more fun to give you a preview of some outtakes first. Ha.

Though really, I can't figure out why this one didn't make the cut.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


No, I'm not tired or feeling lousy. If you must know, I heard the vacuum. Damn thing terrifies me.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Sick

Well Peeps, things are still a bit coughy and snotty up in here.

At least we do sick pretty cute.

Even Lu is in good spirits. She has a pretty gross pneumonia cough and her snout is kind of drippy, but she's happy. In fact, she's so happy you wouldn't even know her fourth tooth popped through!  (I'm pretty sure she's showing off - I didn't have four teeth until I was seventeen months old.)

Since Lu is so good at sharing, she let me have some chunky cough and snotty nose too. Sharing is kind. Naturally we decided to share with mom too. We are awesome.

Friday, December 6, 2013

More Yuck

I'm still not feeling great. Silver lining - mom let me nurse eleventy times today. Win.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I decided to ring in eleven with my first illness. 

And since Juj is basically my favorite person ever, I decided to be just like her and went with super fast onset croup. I was totally fine, and then had a wheeze, and then had labored breathing all within about thirty minutes.

So mom threw me in the car and brought me to the doctor. I got stabbed in the leg (steroids) and suffocated (nebulizer) and was sent on my merry way.

Best news? Sick babies get mac and cheese and broccoli and carrots. Win!

Turns out, sick babies also get more nebulizer in the morning. Lame. I tried to hide under Herb. Mom was all, "Lu, the medicine can't help if you smother yourself with Herb."

I convinced mom to put Baby Signing Time on and then I was a tad more agreeable.

I still don't care for the medicine but my cooperation can be bought.

I don't love being sick but the mac and cheese and extra snorgles and TV time are all pretty fun. 

Monday, December 2, 2013


Well Peeps, I'm eleven now. 

I'm pretty accomplished for an eleven baby-peep. My walking skills have evolved into running skills. I like to scamper everywhere. I also like to climb everything, like stairs and fireplaces and toys and couches.

I have a pretty questionable reputation around these parts, but the truth is, I'm funny, smart, a great sleeper, and I have an impeccable sense of furniture style. (Give me a few minutes and I'll rearrange furniture like a pro.) It just seems my running, moving, scampering, and climbing skills distract people from everything else. Lame.

So let's focus on the good. I have three teeth - my first top tooth just broke through. And no, I'm not crabby or up all night or fussing about it. See? I rule. 

I'm an excellent sleeper-peep. I go to bed around 8 or 8:30 pm and I sleep 11-12 hours. Without waking up. Without shenanigans. Just me and Herb and bink. See?  I rule. I take two naps a day, usually about 1.5 hours each. All this awesomeness helps to gently wash away mom's memories of my first six months. I hope.

Sissy Juj is my best friend. I love to play with her and play with her toys and chew her toys and follow her around.

I have lots of talking skills. I can say (sign) eat, water, more, milk, all done, bink, wash hands and dog. I can also wave hi and bye and clap my hands. Some might judge me because eat and water and bink look suspiciously alike, but it's all about context Peeps. I also follow directions pretty well when I'm so inclined - like bringing mom a book or sitting down or identifying my belly or pointing to things or mom's favorite, giving hugs. All important skills. But my best skill? I just learned how to spin in a circle until I'm dizzy. Amazing.

Here's a sampling of my skills.

See? I'm a pretty nice girl, just a little misunderstood. At least Herbs Hips gets me. That's why we're inseparable. 

(Just for fun, here's my Sissy Juj when she was eleven.)