Saturday, June 28, 2014


The other day Lu and I decided to take mega naps so that mom would have to keep us up unreasonably late doing something fun.

It worked! First we went to a park. Lu loved all the low flying airplanes. I hated the sand.

But I managed to tough it out and slide a bit before I suggested we go anywhere else and away from the disgusting sand.

So, off we went to the lake! First we practiced our "cheese" skills. Lu has some work ahead of her.

Thankfully I'm a professional camera-poser. When I want to be.

We both were very excited when we spotted the trolley coming to pick us up. We love trolley rides!

We had a nice ride and Lu didn't even try and jump out the window. Win.

After our ride we walked down to the lake and waved to some ducks. Lucky for us, there was a concert about to start so Lu and I got to do some excellent dancing skills for a while. I'm pretty sure we were the best dancers there. We had such a fun night (except for the sand)!


It's taken a while, but Lu is finally coming around and realizing that chattering is more useful than grunting. I'm especially pleased with her "tick tock" skills - we sing an excellent duet.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Sissy Juj is my best friend.

We love to act silly together.

I give her slimy baby kisses that she doesn't entirely appreciate.

We sing songs, read books, play dress up and have tea parties.

Anything Jujy does, I want to do too.

She's my best sister ever.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Tonight dad told me he'd buy me Froot Loops. I'm not sure if he and mom are still speaking, but I'll say this. Best. Father's Day. Ever.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


About a week ago I had my last day of school!

I'm pretty grown up now compared to the fall. My fluff is longer, my toes are bigger, and I even know how to read.

I was pretty bitty on the first day of school.

Lulu is a lot bigger now too! She wasn't feeling too well on my last day or she might have released her guck for thirty seconds to smile.

We've done a lot of growing in nine months.

I had a super fun last day in class. We played games and sang songs and watched a video about the whole year. Teacher Katie was the best teacher ever. But I'm not too worried about missing her because I'll get to have a special class with her next year!

Teacher Mary was great too. We did lots of art projects together.

After school I played outside for a few minutes one last time. I always loved to play outside with Bella after class.

We had a fun year together, playing and pretending to be Elsa and gathering dandelions and fighting over dandelions and playing house. 

We are excited to have school together for one more year in the fall.

You know what's the best part of graduation day? Presents! Mom and dad and Lu got me an Anna doll because they were so proud of me for having an awesome year! I've been wanting one for eleventy years!

I had an awesome year but I'm excited for summer and camps, swimming, parks, swimming, and swimming! And in the fall I'll be in pre-K! I'm practically ready for high school!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Well Peeps, I have a sad tale to tell. It's all about getting stabbed and poked and prodded and stabbed and bothered. Let this be a warning to you. Hospitals are lame.

It all started with a kidney infection. I'll spare you the details on that diagnosis but suffice to say, I was not impressed. Much stabbing (shots) and poking (blood draws) was involved. And because I happened to keep having teensy tiny fevers (repeatedly spiked over 103), I earned myself a field trip to the hospital. Lame. (Lame is a recurring theme in this story.)

Getting an IV was super lame, especially because it took two tries. At least they had Mickey on TV.

It didn't take too long to get my very own room, complete with a giant TV with Mickey. Tiny win.  

I was pretty wiped from being tortured by the needles so I decided to take a little rest.

I guess the bed was okay...

... but napping on mom was a little better, even if I got kicked a lot. Buster is not a good lap-sharer.

I did play a little in between the torture.

And I did smile just a little too.

I wasn't miserable the whole time.

It helped that there was a lot of TV involved. I mean, a lot. Billions. 

I was a pretty good girl too. When mom had to go potty or go get water, I was happy to hang out in my crib (and watch TV, obviously). (And no, she never left me with the crib sides down.) 

This is possibly why I liked being in the crib...

I also liked being snorgled for nap. There was a lower chance that someone would come and stab me and a higher chance mom would be able to tell them that she was not happy with my four blood draws in one day and she was going to fight whoever tried to stab me again. At least I'm pretty sure that's how the conversation went.

In the end they decided my kidney infection was all better and I just happen to have a bonus virus too. Luckily mom and dad were all, "We're leaving, call us if you need us," and then they broke me out of the joint. The doctors thought I was so awesome that I should stay longer. Mom and dad were all, "Thanks but no thanks."

And I'm so happy to be home. It's so much easier to eat and drink and play and sleep when you're not being attacked by vicious stethoscopes and scary thermometers and needles. I'm willing to go back to the hospital when Buster gets forcibly removed, but not any sooner.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014