Monday, February 28, 2011


I love boobie-flavored boobies so much sometimes I have to cheer for them the entire duration of my snack.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hi Peeps!  Today I'm ten months old!  To celebrate, I thought I would spotlight my very best friend, Hank.  I love Hanky-guy so much!

This is Hanky-guy.

He's pretty cute and soft and cuddly.

Snorgling Hank is my favorite thing to do.  I love him and hug him and I sleep with him on my face, much to mom's dismay.

The best thing to do with Hanky-guy is chew his feet.

His feet are delicious.

Even when I'm playing, I still keep Hank close. 

I was a little worried but mom assured me ten months old isn't too old to love Hanky-guy.  She said I can even bring him to college with me.  Hooray!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Team Meeting

Today mom was all, "Hey Juj, I need to run to my office, do you want to come with me or stay home with Sister Lab?"  And I was all, "Sister Lab keeps trying to eat my puffs, I'm coming with you."

It's a good thing I did - my team was so excited to see me!  They were all, "Hey Juj, we want to star on your blog!"  And I was all, "Okay, go touch up your make-up, iron your shirts and make sure your hair is groomed."  I have standards, you know.  Look how cute we are!*

And they even had presents for me!  I got a pig and a book and Auntie Deb said I could taste M&Ms if mom got distracted and stopped watching me.  And Auntie Cat said I could taste Fig Newtons if mom got distracted and stopped watching me.  But mom kept watching me.

And Uncle Chad said if I was going to hang around the office, I had to earn my keep.  He's all business, you know.  So I shined his shoes.

I love visiting mom's office.  But next time I'm going to make sure mom's distracted so I can taste all the delicious, non-organic things waiting for me!
*Not pictured:  Uncle Barry, who was off doing something silly like working or eating tuna.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monkey Faces

These are monkey faces.  I make them when mom says, "Hey Juj, smile for the camera!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Slobber

After my friend Joey read my blog about how much I love his big sister, he was all, "Juj, I can play super fun toys too, come over and I'll show you!"  And I was all, "Okay, Jojo, but if this is a trick just so you can try to pet my eyeball, I'm not going to be impressed." 

He wasn't lying - we had so much fun together!  We read books and he let me try all the flaps.

We worked on the animal puzzle and he let me taste all the pieces.  They weren't boobie-flavored but they tasted a little like baby slobber.

We played baseball and I hit a homerun!

We had so much fun playing ball pit!  I liked throwing the balls.  Joey liked flapping his arms so fast they looked invisible.

Joey even said I could taste his bink.  I tried but I haven't figured out how to taste two binks at once.

And guess what?!  Joey let me ride on his dragon!  It was so fun!  The dragon plays songs and rocks and tastes like fuzzy baby slobber.  I told Joey sometime he can come over and try my dino.  It's only fair.

I had a great day playing with Joey.  I guess babies are super fun too.  In fact, we had such a good time I decided that I would just skip my nap to keep Joey company the whole morning!  So I was just a tiny bit tired when I left and I may or may not have passed out holding a hammer...  Luckily I was toasty cozy in Joey's old moose jammies and ready for a great rest!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Kid

 Okay Peeps, I have a confession.  

As much as I love babysitting my friends...

... sometimes I just get tired of baby stuff!  I mean, sure my friends are super nice and they are funny and they are gentle when they pet my head and touch my eyeballs.  But sometimes I'm all, "Guys, you play with your baby stuff, I'm going to be a big kid like your big sister Linnea."

Big kid toys are so cool!  Like Ariel dolls that really sing in the loudest voice ever!

And Strawberry Shortcake toys that really taste like strawberries and baby drool!

When I'm being a big kid I can even play dress-up and try on Linnea's fancy hair bows!  (Umm, so maybe I didn't ask before I tried on her bow but I am sure she would have let me try it.  Probably.  But, just in case, don't tell her.)

Big kids don't have to sleep in cribs.  And guess what - Linnea let me try napping in her bed!  I brought Hank with just in case it was lonely in such a big bed.*

I really do love my baby friends but sometimes it's so mega fun to practice being a big kid.

*Mom watched me very closely while I napped in this big bed.  She was all, "Juj, this is what it would be like if you were on Big Brother."  And I was all, "What the hell are you talking about?"  And then I saw the video camera watching me...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi Peeps!  I've had a pretty awesome day.  Last night I had a little situation and squawked once or eleventy times so finally mom spent half the night snorgling me.  It was great!  This morning mom and dad were tired and grumpy so I was all, "How about I take you guys out for breakfast!"

Peeps, I got to eat pancakes and hashbrowns!!

After breakfast we went to Target.  Turns out, I should take dad there every day!  I'm always, "Mom, I need more toys!" And mom is all, "It's either electricity or toys, Juj."  She's such a buzz kill.  But dad is the best!

He bought me a dinosaur!  My dino roars and sings and lights up!  He's amazing!

I can walk around with my dino and it's so so fun. 

Don't worry, I'll share a video of me cruising with my dino soon.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of my favorite skills - bink throwing and table circling.  And as a bonus, you can see our blizzard in the background!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Expanding Chub

My friend Nancy has been taking my picture since I was just a tiny squirt.  Back when I was bitty I told her I thought it would be fun if we could document my expanding chub in a creative way.  I think she's done an excellent job so far:

Five weeks.

Six months.
Almost ten months.


I really love reading books.  I would be happy to sit quietly and read books the whole day (except for maybe I would need two minutes to watch Chica on TV).  I have a lot of favorites but right now I love my zoo book the best.

It has flaps to lift and animals to peek under the flaps!  I love it!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Mom and dad are always talking about my skills.  It seems like everyday they're trying to teach me something new.  So tonight I was all, "Fine, I'll start dressing myself."

 I just have to figure out how to get my jammies on by myself.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Split Personality

Today was just one of those days...

... one minute I was sunshine and rainbows...

... and the next I was, well, a total baby.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Guess what, Peeps!  It turns out, my good friend Chica has a buddy Star who's on TV at night!  I really love Chica, but Star is pretty awesome too.  Of course, I rarely watch TV because I'm so busy studying Chinese and practicing my cello.  But I happened to catch a minute of The Good Night Show this evening and I was enthralled!

I love Chica and Star, but I know if I watch too much TV my brain will turn to mush and I'll forget how to use my bink properly.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glamour Shots

My friend Nancy took my picture the other day.  I thought maybe she'd want pictures showing off my serious and dramatic side instead of boring smiling pictures. 

I'm not sure she appreciated my artistic take on the day so I smiled a couple times.

Pictures were pretty fun...

... but I really liked my Hank breaks.