Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 It's finally Halloween!

Surprise!  I'm a Crabby-Peep!  And Hanky-guy dressed up as a princess, complete with crown, skirt and necklace.  

I had a totally awesome Halloween.

I started the day with costume pictures.  Sissy-dog was pretty unimpressed.  

I guess she wasn't too into being a Jack-o-Labbie.

Mom and Beef Stu dressed up too.

In the morning I went to a pumpkin party with Grandma K. and worked on some Halloween crafts.  It was so much fun, though I sported my pensive face for most of it.  

And then after resting time a monkey and a bunny stopped by to see me!

We were pretty happy to pose for some pictures...

...but coordinating smiles was not part of the deal.

We probably wouldn't have sat so nicely...

...but the promise of candy kept us pretty well behaved.  What can I say, we're easily swayed.

Once my friends left I headed to Papa and Grandma's house to trick or treat.  Zoe-dog tried steal my candy.  I was all, "Zoe! Dogs don't eat candy!"  Zoe mentioned something about eating all of the Halloween candy one year and being just fine.

And then I got to work!  Papa and Grandma let me pick three pieces of candy.  Excellent.  I went to a few more houses on their block and showed off my crabby-cuteness.  

After a quick dinner break I headed back out with dad to visit my neighbors.  I got a billion candies.  I told dad I got him his favorite and he was all, "What candy are you going to have?" and I was all, "I'm not going to have any," and he was all, "Why not?" and I was all, "Because they're not for me."  Based on mom's response I'm thinking they're hiding something from me...

When I got home I checked out my loot.  I wasn't too into most of it.  But I did get the world's biggest chocolate chippie!!!  I licked it.

And then I ate some grapes, strawberries and a yoguck, did a puzzle and went to bed.  A perfect Halloween I think.  
Happy Halloween, Peeps!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen and the start of Halloween Week at school!

We're not allowed to wear costumes to school because it can get too trippy and sweaty and hard-to-potty (lame), so I did the next best thing - I dressed as a Peep-O-Lantern!

And I had a great day!  We read Halloween stories, sang Halloween songs, and did Halloween art projects.  I had so much fun I forget to crab when mom picked me up and instead I left happily.  I'll have to throw an extra big I'm-not-leaving-school fit on Thursday.

School and Halloween together are possibly the best combination ever.

Halloween Carnival

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?!

I love Halloween as much as mom loves watching me love Halloween, which works out well for me.  So the other night we went to a Halloween carnival and it was awesome.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a studier, so I sported my pensive face for most of the night, but I loved it.

I got my face painted!  It took a while for me to decide what I wanted - it was between a spider and a pumpkin.  I settled on the pumpkin.  Turns out I may have been the only girl-toddler-peep at the carnival that didn't pick the fairy-rainbow-puffy-heart face paint.

I like pumpkins the best.

There was a balloon-making guy at the carnival and he made me a blue hanky-guy.  Amazing.

And then it was time for games.  I played the frisbee toss, bean bag toss, bowling, ducky grab, spin-the-wheel-for-a-sucker-that-mom-steals, and pumpkin ring toss.  I think I won every game because I got prizes every time!

It was such a fun carnival!  I can't wait to go back.  Maybe next year I'll even smile a little while I'm there.

On the car ride home I got to check out all my prizes.  

I love Halloween carnivals!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Time for another big update - I'm thirty, peeps! I even get to tell people I'm two and a half now.  It's pretty awesome.

I think two and a half looks good on me, more mature and grown up.  I'm probably about twenty-six pounds and probably around thirty-two inches but I haven't had official measurements in a long time.  My clothes are almost all a 2T though some shirts I can even wear 3T!  (Okay, only in Gap because their stuff runs small.)  My shoes are a five but I think I'm ready for a six.  Or almost ready.  My four eye teeth are visible and brushable so I have sixteen teeth now!  And my fluff is still a curly mullet.

My eating skills have improved just a little bit.  I've been eating more vegetables (I love corn, carrots, peas, cucumber, and broccoli). I love chicken, cheese, yogurt, pasta, pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, cereal, any carbs, any fruit, and any cookies.  And I really love going to restaurants for grilled cheese and frie fries or mac and cheese.  I eat at the big table all the time now and I don't even use my booster-turtle-chair.  I just like to use a regular chair because I'm a big girl.  I love to sing while I eat, which helps to extend the fun of mealtime.  If I'm on my game, I can sing through a meal and take a full hour to eat.  Amazing.

My sleeping skills have also improved.  I was having some shenanigans last month but I'm over it.  I'm napping about 1.5-2.5 hours a day.  I quit screaming in the middle of nap, which seems to make mom happy.  And my night sleep has been great.  I go to bed around 8 or 8:15 pm and I sleep until at least 7 am and sometimes later.  Mom and dad gave me my very own clock and now I wait until I see the seven to call for them.  Sometimes it's 7:02 am and sometimes it's 7:45 am, but I always wait until the seven is there and then I'm all, "Cockadoodledoo I see the seven!"  I don't even fuss in the morning anymore!  I've even been sleeping late when I have a busy night with a late bedtime.  Mom and dad think this is basically the same as discovering fire.  I rule.

My potty-using skills are also pretty awesome.  I'm using the potty all the time and I keep my pull-up dry at home, school, and even on adventures.  I even love using the big potty now - I usually want to use the "mommy and daddy potty" instead of my little potty.  I'm still only, well, 50% potty trained, if you know what I mean, but I've made great progress so I might even be 100% by thirty-one.  Or age four.  I even stay dry when I sleep most of the time - I'm probably dry 5/7 mornings a week and just about every nap time.  Mom thinks this is pretty awesome, aside from the wasted diapers.

School is still going well - I really love it, especially all the singing.  I love learning new songs.  And I started gym class again.  I'm in a new class so I have lots of skills to learn but it's so much fun, especially the trampoline.  Jumping is my favorite.  And I can pretty much do a somersault now!  When I'm not in those activities I love playing toys and games and reading books at home.  My very favorite thing is to do puzzle-skills.  I'm getting great at sorting border pieces, matching colors and patterns and getting puzzles done.  I can do forty piece puzzles by myself!  I also love playing games on mom's phone when she has a meeting or an important appointment.  I'm an expert phone-game-player.

My chatters continue to amuse mom and dad.  I can't help it, I'm just a funny kid.  I'm very into asking, "Can you tell me why ____?"  I am also pretty into my letters.  I can spell my name and type it on a computer or phone.  I like to try and "read" words by sounding out the first letter, like P for my last name, or M for Molly!  Those are two favorites.  School has helped me get pretty good with numbers and I can count with my fingers now.  I love numbers and letters but rhyming is still my favorite game.  I love rhyming words.  And making up songs.  And narrating everything I do.

I think two and a half is a pretty good age.  I get to do tons of fun things, I hardly ever have a time-out (except possibly in the grocery store yesterday for hitting) and mom and dad think I'm the most fun toddler-peep ever.  And I can make the best turkey-face in the world.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


A year older, a little more attitude.

Mall Date

Not too long ago mom decided twenty-four hours before a gala that she needed to wear something other than sweatpants.  So I was all, "I have a great idea!  Let's go to the Mall of the 'Merica and go shopping and play!"

Our first stop was the dress store.  It was amazing.  They had toys and a TV and legos and other kids to play with.  I had a great time playing while mom picked a dress.  I should take her shopping more often!

After we got our work done I took mom to the rides.  The best part - I found my friend Susie there waiting for me!

We went on the bitty carousel together and it was mega fun and just my speed.

Next Susie wanted to try the big carousel.  I'm not really into ginormous rides that speed in circles and bounce peeps unpredictably, so I was all, "I'll just watch your baby for you while you ride, Susie."

I waved to Susie while she was riding.  I think she had a great time.

Afterward we spent a lot of time working on bus-driving skills.  We had the best time together, chattering, singing, bus-driving and laughing.

We're not positive but we might be bus drivers when we grow up.

I love the Mall of the 'Merica.  

But I don't always love the photoshoots that seem to happen at the end of my playdates.  We tried to be a little cooperative at first.

But that didn't last too long...

...and then we couldn't resist...

...we became turkeys.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carving Practice

I'm not positive, but I think Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the decorations and the costumes and the parties and the pumpkins and the decorations and the treats and decorations. I love it so much I look past the part about how it's a holiday focused on candy and I don't actually get to eat any candy.  Ever.  Lame.

Mom and dad have done a pretty great job of making Halloween last the whole month and I appreciate their efforts.

I even got to help Papa carve his pumpkin!  It was good practice for when I carve my own in a day or two.  I'm probably an expert carver-peep but since mom and dad prefer I not use a knife, I mostly do carving-observation skills.

I'm sure by next year I'll be carving my own pumpkin. And eating my own candy.