Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gym Class

I'm a very health-conscious toddler-peep.  So recently I was all, "Mom, I think it's time I join a gym.  I'm going to need to workout this winter." 

Mom thought my idea was great so we decided to try out My Gym.  It was so much fun!  There was a toddler-coaster that I loved riding. 

But my very favorite part was working on the stair-master.  I went up and down the steps all by myself.  I already think my thighs are firmer.

I asked mom if she wanted to try them out.  She didn't.  She prefers not working out.

I also did some slide climbing skills.  I climbed all the way up by myself.  There were tons of fun things to climb and try out.  I loved all of it except circle time.  That was medium lame.  I mean, I love dancing and singing but not when there are so many things to be climbing!

After my workout I made sure to properly hydrate.  I'm probably going to join the gym, but mom wants me to try out one more next week just to be sure.  I can't wait!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Mom bought me some crayons and my very own coloring book so I can explore my artistic side.

I'm pretty much a natural because I knew just what to do.

Coloring was fun.

And I only took one quick taste just to see what I was working with.

And then I did one quick check to see if the crayons had cell phone service.  They don't.
Oh, and that's not chocolate on my face or anything.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I've been taking swimming lessons since I was a six month old baby peep, so I'm practically a professional swimmer now.  Today was my last day of lessons for a little while.  Mom says we're taking a session off to enjoy some outdoor pools.

To celebrate the end of the session, I wore a new (hand-me-down) suit.  It's important to be stylish in the pool.

I've come a long way since I started lessons...

... see?  I was just a chubby peeplet on my first day of lessons.

I've really loved my lessons.  If I'm feeling agreeable I know how to kick, splash, jump in (fall forward on command), reach and pull (paddle), blow bubbles (lick the water) and go under (not fight it when people dunk me).

Bella is in lessons with me.  She's a professional underwater swimmer.  I'm still a beginner underwater, but we have a great time together anyway.

After swimming we get showered and dried.  Bella wasn't impressed about getting her picture taken - mom was slowing up getting to snack time.  But look - you can see my toofs in the picture!

After swimming we get snacks.  Mom doesn't always appreciate the importance of snack time so I was all, "Mom, why aren't you getting me more snacks?"  And she was all, "I have to take eleventy billion pictures of you Juj, someday you'll thank me."  I told her maybe she should start by learning how to use the camera so my fluff doesn't look orange-yellow in pictures.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Stealing

Sometimes people are all, "Hey Juj, are you always happy??"

The answer is no.  Sure, I'm mostly all rainbows and butterflies.  But if mom takes my favorite book away so she can take eleventy billion pictures of me this is what she gets.

Lucky for mom, I'm quick to forgive.

And if I'm feeling generous, I might even pose a little too.

And if I get distracted feeding sticks to Sister Lab the tears usually dry faster.

But just to be clear - I may get over the book stealing once...

... but if mom thinks she's going to steal my book again, I'm going to get right on my phone and call the book police.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday I turned fifteen so mom says I need to do another update.  I was going to write last night but I was distracted with the awesome new sippy cup mom bought me.  So here goes, fifteen and one day.

I'm pretty much an awesome toddler-peep.  My exploring skills are excellent.  I like to hide in my fort (the spot between the couch and chair), climb stairs and sit on the fireplace ledge.  And I love when mom and dad chase me around the house.  I know how to get off the bed and couch by myself but I can't seem to get on them without help.  I love playing outside and going to the pool too.  And I go to library school (storytime) and only sometimes get in trouble for stealing the teacher's puppet.  I still love reading mega.

I chatter non-stop.  It's not really my fault that mom and dad can't understand 75% of it.  I do say some things they understand like hi, bye, baby, eat (eeee), berries (beeeeee), car, uh-oh, mom, daddy, duck, hat, puppy, uppy, down, hot, go and probably a billion others.  I also sign more, eat, please, and milk.  The good news is that I understand everything they say.  I go to my high chair or carseat when they ask, I clean up my toys (when they ask), and I answer "yeah" to questions. 

I love to eat, especially if I see anyone else eating.  Berries are my favorite, especially blueberries.  I could eat a whole carton if mom let me.  But she doesn't.  Lame.  I also love bagels and breads and muffins.  I've been eating a little more meat too, chicken and turkey.  I drink water and milk.  Broccoli is my favorite vegetable but I also love carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, and corn.  I almost never get boobie-flavored boobie anymore.  Mom says the well has run dry.  As long as the bottles don't run dry, it's okay with me.

Most of the time I only take one nap a day for a few hours in the afternoon.  Every once in a while the birds and squirrels and Big Hank wake me too early and then I need two naps.  I sleep about 11-12 hours at night and I can even sleep through thunderstorms.  I'm awesome. 

Mom and dad say I'm the very best toddler-peep ever.  Sister Lab tolerates me.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Today I called my friend Sadie and I was all, "Do you want to go to the pool with me and lounge in the sun, catch some rays and check out the boy babies?"  And she was all, "Obviously!"

Turns out, the pool was closed today.  Lame.  Thankfully I'm a very flexible toddler-peep so we decided on the splash pad instead.

I did some obligatory splashing, played in the water for a while, and worked on my fountain running skills.

But when mom asked me to ponder my favorite part of the splash pad, it didn't take long to come up with the answer - snacks!

Sadie totally agreed.  Splashing and sunning, those things are okay.  But the snacks are the best.

Turns out, I had to watch Sadie pretty carefully.  Sure, she looks all sweet and innocent.

But the second I looked away, she showed her true colors - cracker stealer!

I tried to confront her but she was all, "I'm not stealing any crackers my hand is all the way over here."

Once we worked out the cracker situation we had a lot of fun at the snack pad, I mean, splash pad.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Daddy Love


I love to play in the bath.

I have boats and books and letters.  Most of the time the bath looks like a giant floating toybox!

I prefer to work on my reading skills in the tub.  It's relaxing.

But do you know what's the funniest part of bathtime?

Do you know what really really makes me giggle?

I can't stop laughing when mom, in her meanest, sternest voice, is all, "Sit down, Juj!"  It's the funniest! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Swimming

Today my friend Kinley called me and was all, "Can I come over?  My mom has to work and her office is lame."  And I was all, "Of course!  Just make sure you bring some toys so I can take them from you and then run off laughing."

It was snack time when Kinley arrived.  She was so funny crawling around me while I was eating.  I might have been dropping food to her like I do with Sister Lab.

After snacks we had a conference call on mom's phone.

I can't really say how the phone ended up in the gumball machine but I'm pretty sure it was Kinley's fault.

When our naps were done and Kinley's mom was finished with her work we went to the pool!  I've been swimming billions this week!

Don't worry, I practiced my swimming skills for a while, but the most important part of swimming is the snacking.

When mom wasn't looking I did a little investigating and found Hanky-guy and bink!  Amazing!  Mom said Hank and bink don't go swimming.  Lame.

That was fine.  Hank and I sunned ourselves on the side of the pool.  We didn't even need to go swimming.

Anyway, it seems like discrimination to me - Hanks like pools too.  I might have to consult my lawyer about this one.

Even though Hank wasn't allowed in the pool, it was still a super fun day.