Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Well, the livelihood of this blog is not promising. It's not my fault - I try and play on mom's computer all day long, but she's all, "Lu, don't push buttons!" Lame.

In the alternative, I enjoy playing on her phone. And leaving her eleventy billion Lu-selfies to enjoy (or face-calling all of her contacts). She should know by now if she hears me saying "cheese" it's for a reason. 

Since last we spoke, I turned twenty. Whoa. Thankfully, my hair is curly and brown - not going gray yet. It's still pretty short though. I'm up to fifteen teeth. One more pokey tooth to go and then I'll just be waiting on my two year molars. Lucky for everyone, I have no desire to bite people, because I am pretty toothy. Not sure my stats but I seem to be about the same size as I was when I was nineteen. Probably a little taller. Definitely a bit awesomer.

I'm pretty chatty these days. I talk or sing all day long. I would say 80% is unintelligable to everyone but mom and dad and Juj, but whatever, I know what I'm saying. I've lost count of all my words but there are a lot, which a couple phrases once in a while, like "ma tats" (more tattoos). Most often you can hear me asking to watch "Muh-muh" (Mickey), color with "Muh-muhs" (markers) or eat a "Muh-muh" (muffin). I can't figure out what's unclear about that. I've gotten pretty good at reading - I can complete a bunch of my favorite books. And I can say numbers and letters when prompted. If you ask me how old I am, I'll tell you I'm six.

I'll pretty much eat anything. I tried shrimp and loved it. And I've discovered sauce, which might be ketchup, BBQ sauce or syrup. All delicious. I still think milk is poison. I love "bops" (pouches) and "shishies" (fishy crackers) and berries and bread and pasta and anything that requires sauce.

I love getting to help feed sissy dog. I carry a cup of food to her mat. And I give her treats all day long. I love helping with everything, especially if it's something that Juj is doing. And I'm still a great sleeper. Naps have been about two hours and at night I'm sleeping about 8 pm until 7-7:30 am. When I wake up I just hang out until Juj comes in, and then I go on the potty and then find dad to snorgle. 

(If mom says "look at me" this is what I do. I'm funny.)

I'm starting school this week so I got to work on my first homework. It involved markers. I love coloring. Sometimes mom judges me for coloring on my face or the table. She's all, "Juj never colored on tables," and I'm all, "Juj is a square." I also love going for walks to feed the ducks, riding my bike, collecting rocks, and running around the house like a lunatic. And I love sneaking upstairs to get my guck and Herbie out of my crib.

Well, I can't say I'm not trying to keep this blog alive. But a toddler-peep can only do so much. Plus, I'm going to be busy soon. I'll be upgraded to big sister next week and then I'll either be too busy to blog, or mom will be too busy to notice me on the computer and I'll be blogging constantly.