Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Well Peeps, another year is about to end.  I figured since I have eleventy billion years to get dressed up and stay out all night and party like a peep-rockstar, just this once I picked mom to be my date for the night.

Needless to say, we had a pretty quiet night.  I don't mind though, every night's a party with me, right?

And since it's New Year's Eve and all, I figured I better post a few resolutions.  You know, just so I have goals for 2012.  Since I can only count to three, I'll list that many.

1.  Improve my blogging skills.  I still haven't told you guys about Christmas.  Embarrassing.
2.  Learn more colors and numbers.  I mean, I think blue and 1-2-3 is sufficient to get me into Harvard, but just in case I'll try and learn a few more.
3.  Detach from binky-guy.  Hahahaha.  Just kidding.  I'm never giving up the bink.

And with that, Happy New New everybody!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


My friend Bella is back!  She went on this mega long vacation and we were missing each other so much.

I was so excited to have her come over today!  I showed her all my new toys.  We worked on our Lego skills together.

And of course, there were snacks!!  Snacks taste so much better when I share them with friends.

We love to laugh and chatter together.  Our best chatter was after naps today.  I ran into Bella's room and was all, "All done?" and she was all, "Done nap!" and I was all, "Alright!!"  Mom swears it's the cutest interaction she's every seen. 

I pretty much smiled all day having Bella around.  And I only had a very very mild case of the "No, Mines."

After resting we got to work on our art project skills.  We're pretty much professional artists.  And yes, I know our project is a little late for the season.  But really, it's never too late to love Santa.

It takes a lot of focus and concentration to be such an expert artist.

And when we were done...

... beautiful ornaments to hang on the tree!  Or, you know, take completely apart five minutes later and leave all the stickers stuck to the kitchen floor.  Art comes in all forms.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hanukkah, Sort of

I know I'm behind, Peeps.  I'm sorry!  It's just hard to keep up with a blog when there are so many new toys to play with and books to read!  But I'm going to catch up, starting with Hanukkah!

Even though I mega love Santa, I celebrate Hanukkah too.  We didn't do a very good job of celebrating this year.  Mom was all, "If we eat Chinese food on Christmas, that's almost as good as lighting the menorah."  Lame.  I did my best to show my Hanukkah spirit by opening Hanukkah presents!  I'm pretty sure that counts.

My Auntie Terri and Uncle Doug never forget about Hanukkah.  They know I'm an expert reader-peep so they sent me an awesome book!

They even sent a bonus present...

... but that didn't work out so well.  I love Hanks and all but I thought this one might eat my head.  Remember the foot-eating bunnies?!

Mom promised Hanky-hat wasn't vicious and I gave him another chance.

I guess he's not so bad and even keeps my head nice and toasty cozy.

Turns out, Sissy was unimpressed.

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I told mom if she is going to use me like this she better give me a raise.  And benefits.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmast, Peeps!  I guess my multiple visits to Santa paid off because he came to my house last night!  I'm pretty sure that's what woke me at 2:00 am...

I can't wait to tell you all about my presents, like my very favorite new Clifford book and my Hanky blanky(!!!!), but I'm too exhausted from all the playing to share tonight.

I promise I'll catch up as soon as mom sorts through the 300 pictures she took in the last three days.  I know, ridiculous.

But for now I wish all my eleventy fans a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and/or Happy non-denominational Holiday!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas Eve, Peeps!

I have lots to tell you about and I promise I'll catch up as soon as I'm done eating every cookie in sight.  I love Christmas cookies!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If I could just reach the table to grab the car keys I'd totally be in business.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Okay Peeps, perhaps I chattered too soon.

Remember this?  Well, it turns out not all men make me feel shy.

I love Santa!  I admit, I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to visit with him up close.  Up close is way different than in books.  But then I found out something pretty awesome...

... Santa loves books just like me!!  Santa even let me keep the book!  He's awesome and we're basically best friends now.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi Peeps!  Want to play a game?  It's called "Find the Toddler-Peep."

Ready, go!  Somewhere in this room is a toddler-peep.  Can you spot her?

Here's a close-up of a clue.  Socks.  Lame socks.

Surprise!  I was in my fort.

Thanks for playing.  Next time we'll play another fun game, "Feed the Toddler-Peep Cookies."  Everyone wins with that game.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


It was a big day, Peeps!  I got my first pair of (non-used) shoes!

I got to pick them out myself!  I tried on a bunch of pairs, practiced my running skills in each pair, and settled on a stylish brown leather pair.  I was going to pick some toddler-peep Uggs but mom was all, "If you pick the Uggs, we'll have to sell Hanky-guy to pay for them."  Uggs are lame anyway.

I love my new shoes.  But I love not wearing shoes even more, because if I don't have shoes, I can get my socks off.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The other night mom and dad were all, "Hey Juj, do you want to go pick a Christmas tree to bring home and decorate?"


I'll be honest Peeps, I was pretty worried.  I haven't ever practiced tree-picking skills.  What if I picked a curvy, squirrely tree?

Luckily dad was all, "I'm going to teach you all about tree picking and tree decorating and tree tending," and I was all, "Yay!  More skills for my peep-resume!"

We looked at billions of trees.  I thought the eleventy foot trees looked good but dad thought we should pick one that fit in the house standing up.

I kept watch for a good, reasonably-sized tree that was mega fluffy (dad was all, "fluffy needle trees are the best") and when I finally spotted one, we got it!

Sissy came along for the tree-picking adventure too.  She made sure we got a tree without any hidden squeaky squirrels.

When we got home dad helped get the tree situated and then we let it warm up and fluff up.  And then the next day it was time for decorating!

Tree decorating is so so fun!  Mostly I did a lot of watching.  Dad tried to help instill decorating skills in me.  He was medium successful.

My favorite part might have been the lights.  They were so beautiful, especially the blue lights.  I love blue.

(Have I mentioned how lame socks are these days?  The lamest.)

(Have I mentioned that sticking bunnies on my feet won't make me think that socks aren't lame?)

When dad finished getting the lights on the tree it was time for ornaments!  Ornaments are toys that you get to stick in the tree.  Amazing!

And then I found Santa!!!!!!  I LOVE Santa.  Seriously.  Love.

Some ornaments were pretty delicate so I had to be very careful.  I did a pretty excellent job.  Only one got broken and it was an accident.

Since my ornament-spot-picking-skills weren't quite up to par (apparently you can't put all the ornaments in the same spot), I left the arranging to dad and I assigned myself ornament-inspector. 

I did such a great job inspecting ornaments I elected myself Captain of Inspections.

Decorating the tree with dad was pretty much the most fun ever.

When we were finished I spotted all my favorite ornaments.

The best thing to do with a freshly decorated tree?  Read to it.

I think dad and I did a pretty awesome job with Cristreena.  She is fluffy and pretty and lights up.  We love her.

Now I'm nearly ready for Santa to come and visit!