Monday, April 30, 2012


Mom and I both office from home.  I do my best work while listening to Adele on the computer.  Mom says she prefers Anything Else.  I'm not familiar with that band. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Well Peeps, it's official, I'm a two year old!  Hooray!  Now that I'm a two year old toddler-peep, it's time for another big update!

Well, let's see.  I've been working a lot on my brain-building-skills lately.  My chatter skills are pretty great.  I've been told I chatter like a four year old.  Awesome.  My alphabet skills are pretty excellent.  My number skills are improving - I can count to nineteen although I skip fifteen.  Details.  I've got a pretty solid understanding of time (yesterday, tomorrow, not now, later, etc.) and I use pronouns correctly.  My memory is pretty great so if you want me to tell you about the spider that was on the wall that Sissy-Dog tried to eat four months ago, I totally will.  I also love singing - my favorite songs to sing are ABCs, B-I-N-G-O, Ring Around the Rosy, Wheels on the Bus, and Itsy Spider.  But with a little help, I also know a lot of the words to "Rumor Has It."

I'm growing up pretty big.  I'm twenty-four pounds (16th percentile) and thirty-two inches tall (10th percentile).  I have twelve teeth!  And my curly fluffy mullet is really coming in.  I'm probably growing so big because I'm such a good eater.  I love pasta and oatmeal and yogurt and cookies and carrots and fruit and yogurt and cookies.  Plus, I get a lot of rest.  I sleep about eleven hours at night (around 8 pm to 7 am) and then I take excellent naps (2-3.5 hours long!).  And since I'm getting pretty grown up, I've been working on my potty skills.  I still wear diapers but I use my potty 2-4 times a day. 

I love playing games and toys and working on skills.  I love library books, computer games, puzzles, my new doctor kit and coloring.  I also love playing outside with chalk, looking for flowers and ducks, and going to the playground.  Since I'm in gym class I've learned some great climbing-skills so I can climb all over the playground.  I love going on adventures with mom and dad.  And I'm super helpful in the car - if the car stops I tell them "red means stop!" and when we go I say, "green means go go go!"  I practically have my license.  When I'm not running around or playing with friends, I like to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I love Mickey and Goofy and Pete and Fluto!

Well, that's about it!  I'm excited to start my third year - I think it's going to be pretty awesome.  I hear two year olds get a lot more cookies than one year olds.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay, so I'm still one for a couple more hours (11:23 pm!), but that's a pretty lame technicality.  I'm basically a two year old toddler-peep.  Awesome.  And tomorrow when I'm all the way two I'll tell you what it's like to be so grown up.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Eve

One more day as a one year old.  I've been working on my one year old bucket list and I think I've hit all the highlights - learn to walk, learn to talk, get a tooth, pee on the potty, tell mom she drives me crazy, and eat a lot of cookies with dad.  It sure seems like I'm ready for two!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mickey Books

It's not even my birthday yet and I've been getting packages in the mail!  It's basically amazing!  Today I got two Mickey books.  It's possible that I read them enough to have them memorized.  I can't help it - who can resist top-notch Mickey literature?!?

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sometimes I'm an indecisive toddler-peep.  It's hard to pick - chocolate chip cookie or M&M cookie?

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I'm not saying I'm an opportunist, but if mom is just going to leave her computer open and waiting for a peep, I can't say I won't climb myself up and do some 'puter skills.  Perhaps she shouldn't leave me unsupervised.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Since mom is always wanting to take pictures of me, I decided today would be a great day to be a cooperative toddler-peep.

I picked out some awesome clothes and fancy shoes for the occasion.

And then I was all, "Let's take a picture of me and Sissy!" and mom was all, "OMG Peep!  I've been waiting one year and 359 days for you to say that!"  

Sissy-Dog was all, "You're totally sucking up because it's almost your birthday and you want extra presents and cake and blueberries." 

I was a little nervous about Sissy's perceptiveness so I quickly distracted mom with my rainbow explosion.  I'm going to have to start slipping more food to Sissy-Dog to keep her from ratting me out.  What a blabber-snout.

 We decided to try a few different poses.  In the grass...

... giving hugs...

... and a silly Hanky-Guy.

All of those were fun but I liked my first idea best, sitting on the steps!

I did my very best posing skills and I think mom was impressed.

I'm not positive it secured extra presents but it was definitely a solid start.  Maybe tomorrow I'll work on my cleaning-up-toys-skills and not-whining-in-a-crisis skills.  You know, just for good measure.

And I'm totally going to slip Sissy some of my lunch.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Minutes

I know I'm behind in posting again, Peeps.  I'll catch up in two minutes.  
Are you familiar with what two minutes means to a toddler-peep?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Potty Time

I'll be honest, it's pretty embarrassing that mom thought it was reasonable to film me while I was going potty.  Nonetheless, I can't say I'm surprised.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peep Songs

I know what you're thinking.  And yes, I have my Grammy speech ready.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crib Time

My favorite thing to do after breakfast is have cribby time with my b-gunk, blankets, guys and books.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Footie Skills

Sometimes I like to pull off my socks and examine my toes.  Mom and dad are always all, "Hey Peep, what are you doing?" and I'm all, "I'm doing some footie-skills!"  It's important to have fuzz-free toes you know.

But don't worry, I never do anything crazy and neurotic like pick my toe lint and then ask for more toe fuzzies to pick.  That would be nuts.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


One of my very favorite things to munch, aside from cookies and chippies, is blueberries!

I love blueberries!  And when mom can't find a carton that isn't mushy and gross, she makes me frozen blueberries.  They're delicious and EXTRA messy.  Perfect.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Party

Turns out, Easter is more than just bunnies laying eggs and Sissy-Dogs wearing ears.  Easter means playing with aunties and uncles and grandparents too!

I went to my Uncle Eric and Auntie Susan's house for an Easter party and it was so fun.  I put on a mega fancy dress for the occasion!

We had a yummy dinner and I got to sit at the table like a grown-up toddler-peep.  It was pretty awesome.

After eating I spent a lot of time working on my egg skills.  Turns out, the eggs open and I can hide treasure in them!  Amazing!

Sometimes I was all, "Where's my special treasure?" and dad was all, "Hmmm, do you mean the delicious gummy bunnies I just munched?"  Lame.

I did a lot of work on basket-carrying skills too.

Grandmpa P. told me there was a special surprise hidden for me so I went searching.  All of a sudden I was all, "Oh boy I found something pink over here!"  It was bubbles!  I love bubbles!  I took my aunties outside so we could try them out.

I did some dancing in the bubbles...

... and I tried making a few myself.

And then it was chocolate cheesecake time!!!

I'll be honest, Peeps.  I was a tiny bit excited for cake.

I was not disappointed.  It was delicious.

You know how mom is always, "Juj, you need to learn some silverware skills?"  Turns out, she just needs to motivate me better.  My skills are just fine.

But don't worry, I was a good cake-sharing-peep.

Easter party was mega fun.  I can't wait to have another party soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day, Peeps!  In the morning mom and dad were all, "Hey Juj, do you want to go outside and play egg hunt?" and I was all, "I'm not sure I'm familiar with that game but it sounds pretty great so I'll give it a try!"

It was as fun as I thought it might be!  There were eggs hiding all over my yard and I got to search for them!

Every time I found another egg I was all, "Oh boy! I found one!"

Sometimes the eggs were hiding in a tricky spot but I'm basically an expert egg-spotter so I found them all.

Since I had such a great time, mom and dad let me play egg hunt eleventy times over and over!  I'm pretty sure I want to play egg hunt every day.

Egg hunt is an awesome game, Peeps.  Even Sissy Dog loved snooting for eggs.  If you want to come over, we can play together!