Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day Thirty-Nine

Day Thirty-Nine was the start of Opposites Week!  Good thing I have a book about opposites that I read in the tub.  I always like to be prepared for school.

Our opposites for the day were hard and soft.  Those are pretty good opposites but I also like big (me!) and little (Elise), and curly (me) and straight (Elise).  Maybe Thursday will be Curly-Straight Day.

Art time is also fun but I've been really loving music and dancing time in school lately.  Singing is one of my favorite things to do, besides reading books and playing hide and seek and eating Reese's Pieces.  Mmmmm Reese's Pieces.

Day Thirty-Eight

Day Thirty-Eight was the end of Shape Week.  I loved this theme - I'm an expert shape-spotter and it was fun to put my skills to work.  We even went on a shape hunt in school!

For art project we made spinning paint stars.  Amazing.  Perhaps I can convince mom and dad that our dusty lettuce spinner would best be used to make paint projects.  It's not like they ever spin lettuce anyway.

Who doesn't want to fling paint everywhere?

Day Thirty-Seven

Day Thirty-Seven and the start of Shape Week.
(And yes, I know I'm behind on my days postings.  It's a chronic problem.)

I like to be festive for me themed weeks so I picked my heart shirt.  Hearts are shapes you know.

At school we made rectangle robot pictures for art time.  It was so much fun I wanted to make more shape pictures when I got home.

So mom cut me some hearts and I did some expert glue stick skills to make more shape collages.  It was so much fun.  I'm glad school gives mom good ideas for art projects!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Since I've been potty trained for so long I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by poopy diapers.  It's pretty gross, peeps.  Elise doesn't mind stinking up the house.

So pretty much right when she got home I was all, "Mom, we better scrub my sister, she's the stinky kid," and mom was all, "Good idea, Peep, I'll get the soap." Since her belly button wasn't ready to swim in the tub, mom had to scrub her on the counter.  Elise thought that was pretty lame.

But then we scrubbed her fluff and she was all, "Oooh I love fluff scrubbing!"  And for a few minutes she smelled fresh and clean.  
And then she pooped again.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Breaking Out

Hi Peeps!  It's me, Beef Stu!
I bet you've been waiting to hear from me.  I finally found a way to free my hands so I could start working on my blogging skills.  I just have to be careful - if mom spots my fingers, she may try and clip my nails again.  What a bloody mess that was. 
Anyway, the other day I was all, "Juj, can I work on some blogging skills?" and Juj was all, "Sure, Stu, why don't you write about the time you finally got to leave the hospital after eleventy days there?"

So. On my billionth day in the hospital I was all, "Dad, I think it's time we bust out of this place, unless you're enjoying that folding chair bed," and dad was all, "I'll get the car."

I got dressed in warm, snorgly clothes since mom decided to birth me in the arctic.

Before I left I stopped by to visit my best friend Emma.  We go way back to our fetal days swimming around in nearby uterus-pools.

And then I was ready to head home.

I can't say the weather impressed me but the ride was smooth and the car was warm.

When I got home I got to meet my oldest sister Sissy-dog.  She wasn't allowed to visit me in the hospital.  (We're looking into a discrimination lawsuit.)

I think Sissy and I will get along just fine.  

After so much excitement I was pretty wiped out so I relaxed in my swing for a while and modeled for Juj while she took a few pictures of me.  I don't blame her, I'm a pretty cute subject.

That night Juj and I got ready for bed.  She was all, "At bedtime you can have b-guck!" and I was all, "I'm pretty sure I can have b-guck all the time."  I probably shouldn't taunt her while she's holding me.

Before bed we all read stories and snorgled.  It was a pretty great first day at home.  I think I'll like it here.  And if not, I'll scream every night around 11 pm.  (That's a bit of foreshadowing.  Did you catch that?)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hospital Skills

Since I am practically a grown-up toddler-peep, mom put me to work during one of my hospital visits.

I handled the calls for her.  I'm an excellent secretary-peep.

I took Elise for walks since it was hard for mom to get around.

I gave dad extra snorgles so he wouldn't feel lonely.

And what was Elise up to while I was hard at work?

Snoozing.  What a lazy baby.  Hopefully she starts to pull her own weight soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

More Visitors

Well Peeps, it turns out I'm so busy reading and singing to my sister I barely get time to work on my blogging skills.  But I'll try and get myself caught up soon.

Where was I?
While mom and dad and Elise were in the hospital, I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa K. and Maddie.  But lucky for me, we still got to visit every day.  And I was generous enough to let everyone else have a turn holding Elise.  Briefly.

Grandma K. and Maddie got a little snorgle time in.

While mom got checked we all had a little family time in the hallway.  Based on mom's reaction to the nurse's visit I'm guessing we had more fun than she did.

Even though Auntie Maddie likes playing with me best because I'm so awesome and fun, she got a couple snorgles in too.  

Papa had a little cold so his first visits involved a mask and staying away from Elise.  But since mom decided she wanted to stay in the hospital for eleventy days, Papa finally got a chance to have a little snorgle too.
Can you believe one little baby had so many people visit?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day Thirty-Six

I wrapped up Polar Friends Week on Day Thirty-Six with a Baby Beluga themed day.

We sang Baby Beluga, which is an old favorite of mine.  Raffi and I go way back.  We also colored Baby Beluga pictures.  And yes, I know that he's a "little white whale" according to Raffi, but I felt like he really wanted to be a little rainbow whale instead, and my art reflected this interpretation. 

It was another great week.  I love school!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day Thirty-Five

Day Thirty-Five and the start of Polar Friends Week!  I think mom was more excited than me about this week - she loves polar bears.  Lucky for her, today's art project did not disappoint!

I made a polar bear mask!  Mom basically thought it was the best piece of art ever.  She's easily impressed.

I could tell Mom was super jealous that she missed out on polar bear story time.  I'm actually a little surprised she didn't try and stay for the day.

It was also a big day because I was sent home with my first Incident Report.  Turns out one of my classmates felt like head-butting me.  Lame.  I was fine, of course, since I'm a pretty tough toddler-peep.  But I had to get an ice pack and paperwork to accompany my bruise.

Even with the minor head trauma I had a great day.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Even though Elise was finally out of mom's belly, she had to stay in the hospital for a few days.  Luckily it wasn't a problem for me since I'm a very adaptable toddler-peep. I had a fun time staying with Grandma and Grandpa K. while mom and dad and Elise were in the hospital.  And I still got to visit the hospital every day!

Elise had lots of other visitors too.  Grandma P. visited.

So did Grandpa P.  Elise kept a close watch on both of them.  She didn't want to sleep through meeting anyone.

I'm pretty sure I was her favorite visitor though.  I'm also pretty sure she shared my not-so-impressed sentiment about being forced into the same t-shirt every time we were together.  Even in the hospital mom is a bit ridiculous about pictures.

 (And if you're wondering, of course Hanky-guy came too.  He had to check out the baby.)

Since Elise was so kind to give me a camera present, I decided to give her a present - Herbie Hippo! 

She loved Herbie.  I can tell they are going to be best friends just like me and Hanky.

Some uncles and aunties visited Elise too.

Elise was a gracious host.  She didn't even spit up on anyone.

I had fun visiting Elise each day. I also had fun reliving my babyhood.