Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy Week

Hi Peeps!  It's me, Juj.  I've been mega busy.  Luckily mom always has her phone ready to take pictures of me.  She's pretty lucky.  My phone doesn't take pictures.  Lame.  Anyway, here's a review of my very busy week.

I've been pretty happy lately - I love having lots of playtime with dad.  He's so funny.

Dad went away for a little while to play with deers.  I was sad while he was away and needed mom to hold me a lot.

Bathtime is extra fun now that I've figured out I can sit up in the tub.  It's easier to chew on the side of the tub when I'm sitting up.  It tastes soapy and delicious (but is not boobie-flavored).

Sometimes I get sort of silly before my bedtime snack...

...but I'm always very sleepy after the snack.

Mom took me bowling for the first time.  It was exhausting to watch mom bowl so badly.  Grandma K. snorgled me - no one was allowed to touch me after they started bowling (something about poop in the bowling balls - sounds disgusting to me).

I spent some time flinging myself backward onto my boppy.  Then I get stuck.  I don't even care.  It's not going to make me roll or anything.

It's been a busy week but I've had lots of fun with mom and dad and Sister Lab.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pitter Patter

Want to know what I look like when I'm wired and slap-happy?

Mom and dad let me stay up way past my bedtime.  Something about spinach dip being worth the lack of respect for my bedtime.

Fine by me.  Everything is funny when I stay up late, especially Sister Lab!

And do you know what I'm mega good at late at night?


Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've been busy, Peeps.  My daddy's been home playing with me for eleventy days.  It's hard to have time for blogging when you're busy playing toys and practicing skills with dad.

Don't worry, I'll have plenty to say soon.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Mom wasn't kidding when she said it was going to be a busy day!
I was pretty exhausted after modeling and dancing with Stacy.

I'm an excellent dancer.  My friends are probably going to call me Baby Gaga.

After I had a rest we went to Grandma and Grandpa K's house.  I got to sit at the table and eat sweet potatoes, green beans and apple-blueberries. 

It was fun sitting at the table with dad.

I hung out with Auntie Maddie too.  Mom tried to take pictures of us but neither of us could keep our eyes open with the flash.

My cousin Rachel and aunt Sandy (and uncle Tim too, but he was busy yelling at the TV) were pretty fun.  I wasn't really sure if I wanted them anywhere near me at first, but then I told them if they gave me some presents I would like them.  It worked.

Happy Thanksgiving!
(And yes, those are sweet potatoes on my nose.)


Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps!
It's been a mega fun day so far.

I got to watch a parade on TV.

Sister Lab watched too.

Then my Auntie Stacy called and said she had some ridiculously amazing clothes for me so I went over to play with her.

Turns out, her idea of amazing and mine differ slightly.

I guess the furry vest is okay - it's fluffy like Sister Lab.

My dress is pretty fun too.  Auntie Stacy said I can wear it when we lunch at the country club.

I really love my sweater and jeggings.  They are so stylish.

And even though mom told her I didn't need them (lame), Auntie Stacy still bought me some really delicious mittens.  They aren't boobie-flavored but I love them anyway.

I love playing dress-up with Auntie Stacy and dancing to Lady Gaga. 
Just don't tell her I also love Raffi.  She doesn't think Raffi is cool.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fake Cough

It took a little while but I've finally learned my "B" sound.
Any minute now, I'll be able to say boobies!

Here I am practicing my chatters.  And my whines.  And my fake coughs.
I have a lot of skills.
(No, the book was not boobie-flavored.)


Do you know why I'm so mega excited?

I'm talking, first-boobie-of-the-morning excited...

...even my tongue is excited!

Mom bought me puppy slippers!!!

Hooray!  This means, of course, that I'm finally free...

...to taste my pink slippers!
(Post script: Pink slippers are not boobie-flavored.)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I started having some trouble sleeping.  It's pretty obvious why - look at my crib, it's a stark, lonely place.

So I was all, "Mom, I'll be a much better sleeper if you let me snorgle Hank in my crib."
And mom was all, "Okay, Juj, but it's sort of against the rules, so be careful."

Rules, shmules. 

Monday, November 22, 2010


My friend told me she had this awesome toy, the Busy Ball Popper. 
I was all, "Mom!  I need a ball popper too!"
And mom was all, "You have one, Juj, it's in your closet!"


The thing is, I didn't really ask my friend about the ball popper.

And she forgot to mention that it was the scariest toy ever.

Seriously.  Terrifying.

It tried to attack me.

I fought back.  (Not boobie-flavored.)

Sister Lab thought it was scary too but she was brave and sat with me.

A little bit later I decided to be brave and try again.  Turns out, this thing is pretty fun.

Except when it tried to blow me away!


There are different ways to use a bink, you know.

Maybe I just like to explore my creative side.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lazy Day

We had an icy day today so mom said we couldn't go on any adventures. Lame.
Luckily I'm pretty resourceful so we had a fun day anyway.

I played with this fun climbing thing.  I like to taste it (not boobie-flavored) and push it over.

I played with my pink elephant for eleventy billion hours.  Her feet are so delicious (not boobie-flavored).

 I chattered mom's ear off.

I gave Hank a piggy-back ride.

I hid from mom when she left the room to fill my tub. 

I modeled my favorite pink polar bears.
I guess it wasn't so bad being stuck at home.

Baby Vogue


Sorry peeps, I've been so busy playing with mom and practicing skills I didn't share any pictures yesterday!  But don't worry, mom still took eleventy billion.

She was all, "Come on Juj, smile for me!"
And I was all, "Mom, I'm never going to be in Baby Vogue smiling - I need to expand my repertoire."

I'm pretty much ready for the Red Carpet.