Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween!

I got to wear my costume to school and be a ducky-peep with all my friends!

Just in case you're wondering the answer is yes, I was the cutest ducky-peep in the whole class.  I even quacked for my friends!

Ducky-peeps love to practice sliding skills!

We even took a group picture.  Aren't we the cutest class?  It was good practice because next week is picture day.  I'm already thinking about how I want to style my fluff for the picture.

After class mom said we could go to the gym and work on athletic skills again.  I love the gym and some of the new friends I met last week were there again.  I bet by the end of winter I'm going to have eleventy new friends!

This week I worked on my basketball skills.

Since I'm in the tenth percentile for height now, there's a good chance I'll get a basketball scholarship when I'm older, so I need to make sure my skills are awesome.

And since I'll probably be a basketball superstar, I'll be rich and famous and have eleventy fancy cars, so I'll need gas pumping skills.

I don't know what kind of cars I'll buy when I'm rich and famous so I figure it's best to try out a lot of different makes and models, just to get a feel for my options.

I had a really great morning.  I can't wait until tonight!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


My Grandpa P. came to visit me this weekend!

Actually, he came to see some gophers but I'm probably a lot more fun and a lot less likely to choke.

I love showing off my skills when Grandpa P. is here.

And in turn, he shows off his!  You should hear him sing "Old MacDonald."  He's probably the best singer ever.  I join in on the "E-I-E-I" part but he does the rest.  And since I hate it when he stops, I sign more over and over again.  I love when he sings to me!


Every day when dad gets home from work I'm so so excited.  I mean, it's great to see dad and all, but even more awesome - he lets me work on my car driving skills!

I love playing in dad's car (under close supervision)!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Okay so maybe I wasn't all crabs the other day...

... I did take a minute or two to practice my dino skills.  And then I got back to crabbing.

Open Gym

Do you know what's super awesome?  My school has a gym and I can play anytime I want (during open gym hours).  I tried it out this week and had a great time.  Okay, I know it doesn't seem like it because I don't always smile in pictures, but I really did have so much fun!

I liked the tunnels a lot.  Mom played peek with me though she wouldn't crawl through because she thought she'd get stuck.  Lame. 

There were tons of vehicles to drive!  I liked the fire truck because I got to practice my walkie-talkie skills.

The bicycle was fun too even though my feet didn't quite come anywhere near the pedals.

But the motorcycle?  Not so great.  Sorry dad, I don't think I want to be a biker babe-peep.

I think I'm better suited to drive a cab.  I'm already great at driving fast and crazy and yelling at the other driver-peeps around me.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Sometimes my work calls are so stressful.  Talking to clients is like talking to a brick wall.  Leaves me needing a 'nack (snack).

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi Peeps!
I'll be honest, it hasn't been the greatest day for a toddler-peep.

My day started at the doctor.  Lame times a billion.  Just like last time, my nearly clean health record (one drippy snout once, one bout of the barfs) doesn't exempt me from harassment and shots.  I knew what was coming so I pretty much screamed the whole time.  It didn't help.  I still got three shots.  The good news?  I'm growing!  I'm 22 lbs 9 oz and 30 inches - that's the tenth percentile for height, up from the fifth.  I'm a giant!

After the doctor I tried to stay near my dino.  I was all, "If that doctor comes after me with shots again, I'm totally going to let dino eat him."

Papa (Grandpa K.) tried to cheer me up - he sent me an awesome picture of a 'copter.

My friends the babies came over and tried to cheer me up too.  That is, until they thought they could take advantage of the situation and my wounded legs.  Then they totally tried to steal Hank while I ate snacks.  Lame.

By the end of the day my leggies were mega sore and I was warm and sad.  So I pretty much made mom snorgle me all evening.  Shots are lame.  The end.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today I turned eighteen!  Mom spent most of the day telling me about this one time eighteen months ago when I was kicking her in the ribbies so she had me yanked out of the pool I lived in.  Her stories are weird.

Later, when I had heard the story eleventy billion times and couldn't take it any longer, we went outside and I saw a 'copter!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, where there is one 'copter, there seems only to be, well, one 'copter.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about what it's like to be eighteen.

Tonight I'll tell you all about what it's like to see a 'copter and then have mom not be able to find anymore.
(Yes, this is ninety seconds of complete, distressed gibberish but for the word 'copter.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I had a really fun field trip with my friend Bella.  We went to the Arboretum.  It's a great place to see trees and flowers and fountains.  (But not 'copters.  Lame.)


It was a beautiful fall day so I didn't even have to wear a jacket and hat and eleventy billion layers.

Bella was so excited to see me she gave me a kiss.  And then it was time to explore!

I liked checking out all the crunchy leaves.

But the fountains were definitely my favorite part!

We got to run around and around the fountains.  I love the "go go go" chasing game.  Mom is always all, "Juj learned 'go go go' from studying her mega educational signing videos," but dad is always all, "Juj learned 'go go go' from 'The Cat in the Hat' on PBS."  I'm pretty sure Dad is right.

Yep, we had a break for snacks too!

We love snacks.  And snacks taste the best on benches.  That's why I'm trying to teach Bella that every time she sees a bench she should ask for a snack.

After snacks it was time for more fountains!  The best part - mom let me splash and get all wet!

I was so excited to find the fountain I had to call Bella over to try it out too!

First we studied the fountains like very serious, pensive toddler-peeps.

But then I was all, "Umm Bella, did one of us poop our pants?"  I won't even tell who it was.  That would be embarrassing.

Fountains are awesome.  And I have some pretty great fountain splashing skills.

I wonder if mom wants to get me a fountain.  Hmm.  Maybe I'll ask dad.

We were pretty tired toddler-peeps when we finished exploring.  But that's when things got ridiculous.  We should have known.

Mom can't seem to resist an embarrassing photo op, especially when props are involved.

What's worse than props?  Full costumes.

Bella and I are hoping for a two-for-one deal when we go in for therapy someday.

And yet, I'm such a tolerant little toddler-peep.

I have to be.  Before I know it my friends Santa and Hanukkah Harry will be in town.  I hear pleasant and compliant toddler-peeps get the best toys.

I'm thinking this has earned me car.  And a pony.