Sunday, March 2, 2014



Hmm, where to begin. I'm clearly an old, sophisticated lady now.

And sophisticated ladies go running at the sound of food being prepared. Which sometimes leads to unfortunate encounters with cabinet edges. See above. I'm fine. Just a little war wound.

When I'm not running into cabinets, I'm a very happy girl. I love playing dress up and accessory-skills. I mega love books. I mega mega love anything Julia is playing. Play-doh is super fun and I don't even try to taste it that often. I like to do somersaults and practicing jumping off of things. My baby doll is my favorite.

I play hard and I sleep hard. I'm still taking two naps most days but I'm pretty flexible on timing. Naps total about 3-3.5 hours. Some days it's two 1.5 hour naps, some days it's a bitty morning nap and a big afternoon nap. I'm sleeping 7:45/8 pm - 7/7:30 am. I never fuss or cry in my crib. I prefer growling. I love singing songs with mom before bed. Twinkle Twinkle is my favorite.

I am food motivated. I eat meals well, sure, but I really prefer to stand at the feet of whoever is in the kitchen and beg ruthlessly for scraps. My favorites are cheese, pasta, fruit, mixed veggies, cookies, and pouches. I still get boobie-flavored boobie in the mornings, and regular milk the rest of the day. Fine by me, just keep the bottles coming.

I have seven teeth. The eighth has been "about to pop" for eleventy months. I'm starting to think it's never coming. That's fine. Seven seems like enough. My fluff gets pretty curl when the weather doesn't stifle it. It should be pretty awesome by this summer. If summer ever comes. Which might not happen. I'm still going on the potty 1-3 times a day. I always go first thing in the morning and I enjoy clapping for myself afterward. 

I can't say my chattering skills are particularly advanced but luckily mom speaks fluent grunt so we get along just fine. I can say uh-oh, yeah and car. I can sign a billion other things. And I can grunt at an increasingly loud volume until my point is made. I can't see how words are needed.

I'm told I'm busy. I'm sometimes called Trail of Terror. I think this is related to my love of the bathroom (it's fine to play toilet paper, it's fun to stick hands in toilets), or my love of the pantry (it was fun to try and drink the vanilla until someone put a lock on the cabinet - lame), or my love of stair climbing. I'm just exploring. 

It's a good thing I'm so lovable. Makes it hard to remember the toilet-skills. I think.

(For fun, Sissy Juj at fourteen:)

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