Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stu Peep

Okay Peeps, confession time.

I know I'm always bragging about my computer skills, but really, I'm not exactly as proficient as I say I am.  I still need mom's help.  This didn't used to be a problem. I'd be all, "Mom, I want to blog about b-gucks and Hanky guy, post pictures 12, 15, and 23 and write exactly what I say," and she'd be all, "Okay Peep, you're the boss."

It happened just like that.

But then mom started getting lazy.  At first it was just a missed post here and there.  But soon she was forgetting about my blog for days at a time.  Lame.  So I'd be all, "Mom!  I have fans.  You can't just not post my stuff," and she'd be all, "I'm sorry Peep, I'm tired."

Double lame.

Finally, I found out the real problem.  She's making me the best Christmas present ever - Beef Stu!  Apparently it takes a long time to make Beef Stu so I have to be patient.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to meet Beef Stu

  2. Praise baby Jesus. I can speak freely finally.

  3. Yay!!! LOVIN' Beef Stu--heck--everybody does (even vegans;)

  4. yippeee!!! Better get knittin lid to keep the Beef Stu warm :)

  5. OMG!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! Is Beef going to have his own blog too???