Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The other day mom was all, "Do you want to go to a carnival that has games and prizes and face-painting?" and I was all, "Obvious!"

When we got there it was pretty amazing because it wasn't crowded at all. We started with exotic petting zoo. I can't say that goats are so exotic but there was a skunk and some other pretty neat guys too.

I really liked the goaty-guys and they really liked me. It's possible because I bought their love for a quarter. They were starving I guess.

After the animals we walked all around. I was nearly on the news!

Loulou and I got to meet Sparky the Fire Dog. He was pretty friendly.  Lou was skeptical.

I worked on my golfing skills.  A little shaky to start but I got pretty awesome at the end and even made a basket. Or whatever.

We got to meet the Crime Dog too. He was medium creepy. I can see a dog in fire gear but a trench coat?

There were lots of other fun things to do. I tried out being a clown-peep. I played games and got lots of fun prizes.  

I did some street-dancing skills.

And then I got to go in this awesome money windy thing. I collected billions of dollars and then traded them for tattoos. Win. The whole thing was awesome, except the face painting situation. Turns out the painter-lady thought she was Picasso and took so long I couldn't handle the wait. Lame. Good thing I'm such a flexible Peep (that can be easily distracted with fun prizes elsewhere).

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