Sunday, July 7, 2013

Half Birthday

Guess what Peeps - I'm six now!

I've been growing so much mom was all, "Let's bring you in and check your stats!" and I was all, "Do you really need something more exact than petitely chubby?"

So if you're all about official stats, I'm 16 pounds 13 ounces (69th percentile) and 24.5 inches (12th percentile). So basically just what I said, short and chubby. Mom was all, "Hmm that's pretty short, should she join the circus now?" and my doctor was all, "Her mom is pretty short." Oh snap.

Once we got past judging my size I got a pretty good review. Good growing skills, good sleeping skills (despite what my mom might say) and advanced mobility skills. Basically I'm awesome. Well, something about my oatmeal intolerance and a special food plan but whatever, a little vomit never hurt anyone.

What I heard was that I'm awesome. I was all, "Look at me I rule," and then it happened. I blinked and BAM! Stabbed.

Not cool. So as not to say something I might regret, I opted to pass out instead. Shots are lame.

But don't worry peeps, I rallied. Mom decided not to withhold the Tylenol this time (phew) so I was up and rolling in no time. Because I'm awesome.

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