Thursday, December 5, 2013


I decided to ring in eleven with my first illness. 

And since Juj is basically my favorite person ever, I decided to be just like her and went with super fast onset croup. I was totally fine, and then had a wheeze, and then had labored breathing all within about thirty minutes.

So mom threw me in the car and brought me to the doctor. I got stabbed in the leg (steroids) and suffocated (nebulizer) and was sent on my merry way.

Best news? Sick babies get mac and cheese and broccoli and carrots. Win!

Turns out, sick babies also get more nebulizer in the morning. Lame. I tried to hide under Herb. Mom was all, "Lu, the medicine can't help if you smother yourself with Herb."

I convinced mom to put Baby Signing Time on and then I was a tad more agreeable.

I still don't care for the medicine but my cooperation can be bought.

I don't love being sick but the mac and cheese and extra snorgles and TV time are all pretty fun. 

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