Monday, December 2, 2013


Well Peeps, I'm eleven now. 

I'm pretty accomplished for an eleven baby-peep. My walking skills have evolved into running skills. I like to scamper everywhere. I also like to climb everything, like stairs and fireplaces and toys and couches.

I have a pretty questionable reputation around these parts, but the truth is, I'm funny, smart, a great sleeper, and I have an impeccable sense of furniture style. (Give me a few minutes and I'll rearrange furniture like a pro.) It just seems my running, moving, scampering, and climbing skills distract people from everything else. Lame.

So let's focus on the good. I have three teeth - my first top tooth just broke through. And no, I'm not crabby or up all night or fussing about it. See? I rule. 

I'm an excellent sleeper-peep. I go to bed around 8 or 8:30 pm and I sleep 11-12 hours. Without waking up. Without shenanigans. Just me and Herb and bink. See?  I rule. I take two naps a day, usually about 1.5 hours each. All this awesomeness helps to gently wash away mom's memories of my first six months. I hope.

Sissy Juj is my best friend. I love to play with her and play with her toys and chew her toys and follow her around.

I have lots of talking skills. I can say (sign) eat, water, more, milk, all done, bink, wash hands and dog. I can also wave hi and bye and clap my hands. Some might judge me because eat and water and bink look suspiciously alike, but it's all about context Peeps. I also follow directions pretty well when I'm so inclined - like bringing mom a book or sitting down or identifying my belly or pointing to things or mom's favorite, giving hugs. All important skills. But my best skill? I just learned how to spin in a circle until I'm dizzy. Amazing.

Here's a sampling of my skills.

See? I'm a pretty nice girl, just a little misunderstood. At least Herbs Hips gets me. That's why we're inseparable. 

(Just for fun, here's my Sissy Juj when she was eleven.)

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