Saturday, June 28, 2014


The other day Lu and I decided to take mega naps so that mom would have to keep us up unreasonably late doing something fun.

It worked! First we went to a park. Lu loved all the low flying airplanes. I hated the sand.

But I managed to tough it out and slide a bit before I suggested we go anywhere else and away from the disgusting sand.

So, off we went to the lake! First we practiced our "cheese" skills. Lu has some work ahead of her.

Thankfully I'm a professional camera-poser. When I want to be.

We both were very excited when we spotted the trolley coming to pick us up. We love trolley rides!

We had a nice ride and Lu didn't even try and jump out the window. Win.

After our ride we walked down to the lake and waved to some ducks. Lucky for us, there was a concert about to start so Lu and I got to do some excellent dancing skills for a while. I'm pretty sure we were the best dancers there. We had such a fun night (except for the sand)!

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