Sunday, June 8, 2014


About a week ago I had my last day of school!

I'm pretty grown up now compared to the fall. My fluff is longer, my toes are bigger, and I even know how to read.

I was pretty bitty on the first day of school.

Lulu is a lot bigger now too! She wasn't feeling too well on my last day or she might have released her guck for thirty seconds to smile.

We've done a lot of growing in nine months.

I had a super fun last day in class. We played games and sang songs and watched a video about the whole year. Teacher Katie was the best teacher ever. But I'm not too worried about missing her because I'll get to have a special class with her next year!

Teacher Mary was great too. We did lots of art projects together.

After school I played outside for a few minutes one last time. I always loved to play outside with Bella after class.

We had a fun year together, playing and pretending to be Elsa and gathering dandelions and fighting over dandelions and playing house. 

We are excited to have school together for one more year in the fall.

You know what's the best part of graduation day? Presents! Mom and dad and Lu got me an Anna doll because they were so proud of me for having an awesome year! I've been wanting one for eleventy years!

I had an awesome year but I'm excited for summer and camps, swimming, parks, swimming, and swimming! And in the fall I'll be in pre-K! I'm practically ready for high school!

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