Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have some new favorite things to say and mom is all, "Peep, we better write these things down so we don't forget!"  She under-estimates my memory-skills.  Anyway, here's what I like to say:

1.  "I'm having a little trouble ____"
2.  "There's no reason to ____"
3.  "Yesterday ____," which covers any event that happened prior to today.
4.  "I have a good idea, let's ____"
5.  "Oh that's my favorite thing!"  This can refer to nearly anything I'm loving at the present moment.
6.  "Wait a sec, I need to tell you something..."
7.  "Hang on, mom, ..."

It's also worth noting that I like to keep dad informed about everything.  That's why I call him about eleventy times a day, whenever something significant happens or I have a question about something.  I use any play phone I can find, and if I'm desperate, my hand works too.  I'll dial and then I'm all, "Hi dad, I don't know what that noise is," or, "Hi dad, do you know where the missing puzzle piece is?" or, "Hi dad, do you want to come home and play with me after resting time?"  What can I say, dad just has all the answers.

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