Monday, May 7, 2012


Well Peeps, I inadvertently achieved a medium-lame milestone today.  It was my first no nap day.  I didn't do it on purpose - I had an unfortunate diaper situation during resting time and forgot to mention it to mom.  So she left me to talk to myself for over an hour rather than attending to my needs.

When mom finally came in to check on me I was all, "Mommy you came in here!  I wasn't crying or fussing or saying 'mommy where are you' 'cause it's resting time."  (Direct quote.) And mom was all, "You're right Peep, you followed all the resting time rules.  Let's go to the park!"  Awesome!  Maybe I should poop during nap more often!

Of course, post-park I was just a tiny little bit sleepy.  Turns out, I maybe need that three hour nap a lot.  But it sure was fun to spend the afternoon at the park instead of in my crib!

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