Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Just when I was happily basking in two-month-awesomeness things got ugly.

It started when mom was all, "Hey Squirt, we're going to the doctor today to see how big and strong you are!"

And boy am I big! I weighed 11 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 21.5 inches tall. That's a three inch spurt since birth! My doctor was all, "You look great, Stu. Tell your mom not to judge you so much!" He was even pleased with my sleeping skills. Mom could take note on that one.

And then all hell broke loose. I was stabbed three times. It was basically the worst day of my life. I tried to cry hard enough to pass out but mom made me keep breathing. Lame.

Let's just say I wasn't in great shape afterward. Mom was all, "Here, you'll feel better with boobie flavored boobie," and I was all, I'd feel better if you protected me from the crazy stabber-lady."

I pretty much spent the rest of the day asleep.

I will say my bath helped my leggies feel better.

I do love my bath.

After bath I stayed awake long enough to hear a story and then it was bedtime. It was a rough day. Next time someone tries to stab me I'll totally poop on them. Twice.

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