Monday, March 25, 2013


Sometimes people fuss about Mondays.  Not me.  I've had an awesome one.

Lisie started off her Monday pretty sleepy.  She wanted to snooze extra after her morning milk.

And then she wanted to practice her smother-and-snooze-skills on her playmat.

Mom was all, "Lisie is having a spurt today, she just wants to sleep and drink milk," and I was all, "Spurts sound lame."

At least she woke up long enough to help cover for Auntie Deb while she's on vacation.

Later we went out for lunch.  At Panera.  My favorite.  

And then mom and I did some shopping skills.  And posing-with-fake-dogs-skills.

I suggested we buy the dog instead of new pajamas but mom didn't think that would be such a great idea.  Lame.

It's a pretty sunny nice day so I got to run around a little outside too.

Pretty awesome for a Monday.

I bet Lisie would have thought it was an awesome Monday too, if she took a break from eating and sleeping.  I bet by tomorrow she's going to be eleventy pounds.

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