Saturday, March 9, 2013


I had a pretty fun Wednesday last week.  Mom was all, "What do you think we should do today?" and I was all, "We should go to the art studio!"

I love the art studio.  They have paints and crayons and markers and stickers and glue and billions of other arty things and I can use anything I want!

Bella came too and we made a billion different projects.  It's probably my favorite place to go these days.  I think the store likes when we visit because mom can't manage to leave without buying something.  Sucker.

After art studio Squirt and I decided to look adorable together.

I'm pretty good at smiling.  She prefers to scowl.  I think it's her signature look.

That's okay.  She always smiles for me.

She's my best friend.  I tell her so everyday.  I also tell her she's stinking up the house when she poops.  Just keeping it real.

We had a super fun morning together.  We even snuggled a bit before resting time.

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  1. Your medium-small Ginger friend wants to know if you'll take here to this magical place when she comes to visit.