Thursday, April 25, 2013

B-Guck Fairy

 Well Peeps, the rumor is true.  I'm officially guck-free.

It all happened yesterday.  I was all, "Mom, I think I'm ready.  I'm feeling particularly mature, let's call the fairy," and mom was all, "Okay Peep, I'll let her know."

I gathered up all my gucks and put them in a bag.

Then mom helped me write the fairy a note.  I signed my name - I wanted to be sure she knew who got the presents!

 I gave the gucks a quick hug goodbye...

 ...and set them out for the fairy.

I watched for a while to see if I could spot the fairy...

 ...but mom was all, "Peep, the b-guck fairy is pretty shy, I don't think she'll show up if you're watching."  Lame.  I totally wanted to spy her.

After lunch Sissy-Dog was acting 'spicious at the door so I looked outside and sure enough, there was a giant present waiting for me!

I was super excited!

 I ran inside to open up the present.

O.M.G. Peeps!  The B-Guck Fairy brought me a guitar!  I always wanted my very own guitar!

Even better, it was a purple guitar!  My new favorite color is purple right now.  

I immediately tried it out.  I'm basically a professional guitar player already.

After I finished my concert mom reminded me to make sure the bag was empty.

It wasn't!

I got a purple bunny!

 And a purple cat!  The fairy knew just what I wanted!

I loved my presents.  So so much.  I loved them so much I didn't even care that guck was gone at resting time and I napped two hours.  But. Well.  I remembered when I woke up and felt a little sad for a couple minutes.

When dad got home from work I showed him all my awesome stuff.  And then we had a jam session.

 Our best duet is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

We tried trading guitars too.  Just for fun.

I still miss my gucks a lot.  I missed them a little at bedtime but I slept great.  I'll probably miss them for a while but I'm almost grown up and my teeth need to grow big and strong.  Or at least that's the nonsense mom keeps telling me.

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