Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day Forty-Five

Day Forty-Five, the end of Valentine Week AND Valentine's Day!

I decided to be extra festive for Valentine's Day.

And by "I decided" I mean mom took me shopping frantically the night before to find just the right shirt.  Unnecessary but I don't mind.  I love being a stylish peep, even if my style comes in the eleventh hour.

Even better, I got to wear a twirly skirt.

Mom was pretty into the holiday so she was all, "Hey Peep, I'm sending a surprise in your lunch," and I was all, "O.M.G. is it Reese's Pieces?!"

Not quite.  But I still liked my heart sandwich and heart cheese.

Lisey was festive for Valentine's Day too.

I think she was a little jealous of my skirt, but we did match heart and heart.

It was an awesome Valentine's Day!

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