Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well Peeps, I'm eleven now.  That's practically all grown up.  Mom says I'm not a baby anymore.  Obvious.  To celebrate, I did a bunch of my favorite things today.

I played under the kitchen table.  It's just the right size for me.

I took my dino for a leisurely stroll.

I practiced being the cutest almost-toddler in the whole world.  Do you think I'm cute?  Cuter than a chicken?  Me too.  Chickens are lame.  Thank goodness you can join Team Giraffe here.  (Voting ends tomorrow, Peeps!)

I walked around the room looking for cool things to touch like air vents or diapers that needed shaking.

I sorted laundry, one of my very favorite activities.

And I showed off my "talking" skills. 
It was an excellent eleven birthday, but I am mega excited for next month when I get cake instead of veggie burger to celebrate!!

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