Thursday, January 9, 2014


Juj and I like to play lots of games, like "Vicious Monster" (I play the title role), and spin-til-you-can't-stand, and box.

Box is especially fun because the box can be a boat or a train or a billion other things.

So the other day Juj and I were minding our business playing box-skills and mom was all, "Let me take a picture of you guys!" 

And I was all, "How's this mom, how about I close my eyes like this?" Haha, chump.

But Juj is older and a hair wiser, and she was all, "The sooner we look adorable, the sooner mom will leave us alone." I wasn't feeling entirely compliant, but I tried. Sort of.

And then I was all, "Now back off woman, I have box-skills to master."

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