Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hooray! I'm one!

It's been quite a year too. I had so many skills to master - sitting, crawling, walking, toilet paper unrolling, water cup flinging. The list goes on and on.

But now I'm officially one. A toddler. Practically all grown up.

I'm a pretty awesome one year old. I love toys, especially Julia's toys, cords that are toys to me, stairs that are like giant toys that beg me to climb them, and toys I can carry around the house.

I love Herbie and bink the best, but I also love Harry Deer and other guys that are cuddly.

But these days, books are my very favorite. I love "Dear Zoo" and the bubble book. I also love all touch and feel books. I like to pick out books and plop in the nearest available lap.

I'm pretty advanced too. I have four teeth! That might not seem like a lot but Juj didn't have four teeth until about last week. Plus, I have three more teeth that are trying to break through. Call me Fang. I'm not sure how big I am but I'll let you guys know next week. When I get checked-up. And stabbed. Lame.

My best friend (besides Herbs Hips) is Sissy Juj. I love her. She's awesome. And she has the best toys.

I'm not chatty like Juj. Yet. I don't say any words. None. But I totally could. I just choose not too. I'm an expert signer-peep though, so that makes mom feel better. I can sign milk, eat, water, more, all done, hat, shoes, wash hands, dog, please, hi/bye, binky, Herbie, and I'm learning thank you. Some of my signs look the same, but if you're pretty smart, you can figure out which one I mean. And if you're confused, just hand me Herb and bink, that's always a safe bet. I know how to show that I'm one, I know where my fluff and belly and toes are. And I play a mean game of peek-a-boo.  

I love to eat. If anyone else is eating, I pretty much need a taste too. At 4:35 pm I am ravenous and NEED DINNER NOW. I love pasta and yogurt and cheese and fruit and veggies and bread and chicken and pretty much everything. Except clementines. Yuck. I still love milk too but mom is a bit stingy and I only get it four times a day. Lame.

I've probably grown so big and strong because I'm an expect sleeper-peep. I take two naps a day, usually about 1.5 hours each. But sometimes just to be extra awesome, like today, I take an almost three hour morning nap. I rule. At night I go to bed around 7:45 pm and wake up around 7:30 am. I rule. I figured I better become the best sleeper after those first couple months or mom might have sold me to the circus. For pennies.

I think that about covers all my one-li-ness. Happy Birthday to me. 

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