Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Expanded

I guess we better cover Easter before Christmas comes.

On Easter morning Jujy was all, "Lu! We have to get downstairs fast, the Easter Bunny was here!" and I was all, "Holy carrots, I love bunnies!" I wasn't able to find a bunny but I found a basket with awesome surprises.

We even found a bonus basket with Frozen! I love Sven because pups are my favorite.

Our baskets were pretty awesome. We got books and coloring stuff and dolls and even treats. Funny enough, I haven't seen those treats since that morning. I bet mom found them. Lame.

After baskets it was time for an egg hunt.

I played along the first time and that was about it. I'm not sure why Juj needed to have eleventy egg hunts over and over.

When Juj finally finished egg hunt shenanigans we moved on to art. The E. Bunny brought us coloring books and stickers.

I love art projects. Especially tasting Play-Doh.

In the afternoon, after resting time, we headed to Uncle Eric and Auntie Susan's house for an Easter party. It was warm and toasty out so we got to play outside a bunch.

There were festive headbands. Win.

Juj worked on some art skills. She's an expert chalker-peep.

Easter dinner was delicious. I had chicken (turkey) and fruit and veggies and bread. And cheesecake!

I might have seemed tired and fried by the end but I totally wasn't. Being tired is for chumps.

Obviously the best idea ever is to try and take group pictures at the end of a long day. I know I'm always at my best at that point.

 So I was all, "Sure mom, I'll take a nice picture for you."

Well, that about wraps up Easter, Peeps.

We hope yours was bunny-rific!

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