Friday, May 2, 2014


Another month down. I'm sixteen now!

It's been a pretty big month. I'm around twenty-two pounds and wearing mostly 18 month clothes. My curls are getting curlier. I have ten teeth now - two are molars, which make me chew my fingers a little but otherwise they don't bother me. I'm getting huge. I'm still using the potty at least every morning and sometimes more. Dental hygiene is a priority so I brush my teeth six or eleventy times a day.

I'm officially done with morning naps. Thank goodness - they were really getting in the way of my playing-skills. I take a 2.5-3 hour nap each afternoon. Sometimes I get snoozy in the car around lunchtime and then mom gets all crazy shrieking about squirrels and birds. It's pretty ridiculous. I may or may not fake sleepy just to see her flip out. Apparently car naps are frowned upon.

I really like eating. I especially like eating anything that anyone else is eating. Cheese is probably my favorite food but I love most everything. I really enjoy using a fork. I'll fork any food. It makes it more delicious. I love milk but only warm in a bottle, otherwise it tastes like poison. Lucky for me mom lets me have a bottle when I wake up in the morning and before bed at night. 

I love to play anything Julia is playing, that hasn't changed. Books are a favorite. I love to go on the slide in our living room and I can do it all by myself. I love playing tea party with Herbie. I like to cook in the play kitchen. And I love to accessorize. I love going up and down the stairs by myself after mom tells me not to. I don't see the big deal - I go the "safe way" and I haven't fallen down the steps in months.

My best work this month has been my chattering skills. Blah blah blah I don't speak as much as Juj did at my age. Whatever. Did Juj pee the potty at my age? Did she brush her own teeth? Could she do a somersault? Didn't think so. Anyway, I finally decided that there might be utility in speaking, so I'm saying lots more. I know duck, quack, pup, baa (as in what does a sheep say), mmmmmm (as in what does a cow say), teet teet teet (as in what does a bird say), roar, papa, mom, baby, ball, cracker, cheese, cookie, guck (binky), buh-bye, car, fish, hot, cloth, kick, chilly, sissy, Juj (though I'm stingy about saying it), dada, uh oh, all done, and yeah. There are probably more but these are the most common. I also have some good signing skills. I can sign more, please, thank you, Herbie, sing me a song (I made it up but mom totally knows what I mean), slide, hi and bye, what/where/why (also sort of made up), yes, no. And I blow a mean kiss. I also have a solid collection of grunts with various meanings and thankfully mom speaks grunt. They include, grunt! (I want to brush my teeth), grunt! (I need you to take my sleep sack off), grunt! (Let's play play-doh!), and grunt! (I want to eat your cereal, dad!).

:et's see, what else. I'm really into animals, especially dogs and ducks. I love to be outside and watch for ducks to fly by and chase pups down the street. I like playing outside too. I'm excited for summer! Or spring! Or anything over 40 degrees for more than one day in a row. I'm getting to be a great listener. I don't even try to run away in public and I hold hands when I'm supposed to. I guess I'm just maturing with age.

I think that covers sixteen. Except more big news. I'm pretty lucky, Peeps. I already have a sister and I just found out I'm getting a brother too! I can't wait until he's here and I can regress and act out and generally rebel, all at his expense. It's going to be amazing.

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