Friday, May 2, 2014


Yesterday was the start of May. It didn't really feel like it outside, but it was finally not raining after eleventy billion rainy days so we got to take a walk and play outside. In winter gear. Sort of win, sort of lame.

I played scooter for a while. 

Naturally Lu wanted to play scooter as well. Lucky for her, I'm an expert scooter-sharer.

It wasn't easy enjoying the fresh air with a camera up in my business, but mom was all, "Oh Peep, just cooperate and smile, the lighting is just right for pictures, and I'll buy you a pony." She was totally lying I'm sure. About the pony part.

We worked on our hopscotch skills for a bit.

I'm not sure if Lu gets it, but she tries.

And we worked on our team-scooter skills. Hopefully soon we'll be able to play outside and not wear snowsuits.

Spring is pretty awesome.

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