Thursday, July 3, 2014


Happy half birthday to me! (And yes, I failed to do a seventeen update, I know. I'm a busy toddler-peep!)

Since I missed my seventeen update I'll try and cover the last two months. I am getting to be a very opinionated toddler-peep. I like to pick my own outfits and accessories. Especially the accessories. My favorite pajamas are my cookie jamas. And I love all shirts with puppies. Really I'm pretty particular about all things. I'm not sure where I get that. *cough, daddy, cough*

I love eating, especially if someone else is eating, even if they happen to be a stranger. I like to feed myself my yogurt now. Thankfully I'm not the least bit messy. I am obsessed with bananas and ask for one all day long. I also love fishy crackers and cheese and watermelon. And pretty much everything else. Sometimes I boycott meat, just for fun, but usually I'll eat anything on my plate and definitely anything on anyone else's plate. I love water. Milk in a sippy cup or a straw cup is poison. Chocolate milk is poison too. But get this, mom took away my milk bottles. Horrifying. And, if that's not bad enough, Juj still had bottles at nineteen months. I'm filing an official complaint. Just watch. I'll bring bottles back yet.

I'm growing pretty tall. I'll get my official stats in a couple weeks but I wear lots of 18 month shirts. I'm a bit skinny so pants I wear smaller. I wear 5 diapers but I could probably go back to 4s. My shoes are a 5 or 5.5. I have 12 teeth and a couple more that are getting close. My fluff is still pretty short but I have excellent curls.

I have lots of excellent skills. I can put my shoes on myself (sandals) and somehow I always get them on the right feet. I can climb any chair or couch. I'm a pretty great tooth-brusher and hair comber. I am capable of (but don't always choose to) following directions and getting things for mom and dad and cleaning up toys. I use the potty a couple times a day and I'm getting better about telling mom when I need to go or when I just went.

My sleep skills are still excellent. I usually go to sleep around 8 pm. Sometimes bedtime is earlier and that gives me a chance to flop and growl for a while first. I sleep until about 7:30 am. I nap once a day, usually from about 1:30 pm until 3:30 or 4 pm. I never fuss about resting. I love my time with Herbie and Herbie blanket and guck. Speaking of, also on my list of grievances, mom is making me leave my beloved Herb and guck in my crib. LAME. Thankfully I am quick and smart so I'm able to sneak upstairs eleventy times a day to find them. I don't know why she's trying to ruin my life.

The biggest development in the past two months is probably related to my chatter-skills. In that I have some now. I'm talking a lot and there are at least 2.5 people on this planet that can understand me. Things I say a lot: mom, dad, Juj, Buster, Sissy, Papa, Grandma, fish (animal), fishies (the food), cracker, nana (banana), cookie, cupcake, more, cloth, help, wah-wah (water), guck, pup, up, bye-bye, hello, chalk, ball, slide, swing, car, uh-oh, all done (grunted with special intonation), Mickey, cheers, wash, Elmo, hat, duck, baah, moooo, ruff, roar, tweet, shoes, cheese, bread, Anna, Sarah, etc. There are more. I also will try and say anything but most of the time it comes out unintelligibly, kind of like the words listed above. I'll also help sing songs, like the words high, sky and are in Twinkle Twinkle, or the tick tock part of a Frozen song. I know lots of body parts to point to, like ears, eyes, hair, nose, tongue, teeth, belly, baby pits, toes, fingers. 

I spend my days playing and trying to scale the walls. I love to climb anything. I also love books - my favorite is Clifford and the Grouchy Neighbors. I like to play tea party too. And I love doing anything that Juj is doing because she's my best friend. We love the playground (I go on all the big kid equipment because baby stuff is lame) and we love swimming. I like to take walks riding in my red car. I also love playing games on mom's phone. I probably run the thing better than she does.

Well, that should mostly cover eighteen and catch us up!

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