Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm pretty into putting on shows and dancing and singing so guess what Peeps, I just finished a week of theatre camp!

I had the best time! It was all about the Ladybug Girl books.

I learned about actor tools like imagination, voice and body. I got to do art projects and learn songs and dances. And I got to skip resting time for a whole week. WIN!

At the end of the week, we did a show for all the moms and dads. We got to pick who to be for the show. I was a mermaid. 

In the show we sang a couple songs and did a little play. Contrary to what mom and dad predicted, I actually participated and looked moderately happy the entire time. Perhaps they shouldn't judge me.

I was probably cutest mermaid in the show. Just a guess.

My friends Lizie and Linnea were in my camp too, which made it billions more fun.

I can't wait until next summer. I definitely want to go back to theatre camp!

Hopefully my friends will come back to camp with me!

For those of you (Grandmas K and P) that might actually want to see me in action, here's a snippet of the Ugly Bug Ball song!

*Sorry my pictures are clearly unedited and the red eye runs rampant. If I wait for mom to edit pictures, blog posts never happen. She's lazy.

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