Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bottomless Pit

At lunchtime mom was eating pizza and I was all, "Mom, I want to eat pizza too!"
And mom was all, "Juj, babies don't eat pizza."

So I was all, "Please just let me taste it, Mom!"
And mom was all, "Okay Juj, you can have a little pizza."
It was so delicious I ate eleventy pieces! 

This is me eating pizza.  As a bonus, you can also hear the awesome new sound I make all day long.  Mom and dad think it sounds like I'm barking.  I think it goes nicely with my growl and my fake cough.

As if pizza weren't awesome enough, mom gave me a Baby Mum Mum cracker after dinner!
It was so yummy - not like the dry, hard teething biscuit I tried once.  I can actually take bites of the Mum Mum!

Mom suggested I not put the entire thing in my mouth at once but I was just fine.  I can eat anything.  I love food.  If mom would have just let me taste her chocolate cookie it would have been the best day ever!


  1. Funny! It totally sounds like a bark. She figures of that's how Big Sister talks then why not her too!?