Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey Peeps, guess what - it's been a super exciting week for me!  I sent mom and dad away to Mexico so they could help Auntie Sarah and Uncle (little) Mike get married and I stayed home and took care of Sister Lab!  Grandma and Grandpa K. were lonely so I let them come over and hang out with me too.

I'm super excited that Uncle Mike and Auntie Sarah got married because now I can have eleventy new cousins!  I hope the cousins come soon!

I was pretty busy while I was home taking care of Sister Lab.  I practiced my standing skills in my crib.  (I got a little scratch on my cheek but don't worry, I'm totally fine.)

I practiced climbing all over Grandpa K. while Sister Lab practiced snooting him.

I knew mom and dad would worry about us so I sent them lots of texts to let them know I was just fine and that I was remembering to let Sister Lab outside to go potty.

I ate all my food and even decided that I'm old enough for lunch so now I eat three meals a day!  Mom wasn't able to leave her boobies for me but she left billions of milk so I drank lots of bottles. 

I played with my new toy a lot.  It's so fun.  I can stand up and creep around it and I don't even need any help.  It plays music and doesn't even have an off button!  I had so much fun taking care of Sister Lab and keeping Grandma and Grandpa K. company I hardly even noticed mom and dad were gone. 

When mom and dad came home I asked them about their trip.  Dad said it was so cold at the pool he had to cover up with towels!

But mom found just enough sun the last day to stay toasty warm.  She even brought some sun home - now her face is bright red! 

Mom and dad said they had a pretty good trip but they missed me and Sister Lab a lot.  I'm not surprised.  We're pretty awesome.


  1. She looks so much older! How can that BE?!

    Glad you kids made it home safe and were not kidnapped by Mexican Drug Lords. :-D

  2. That is such a cute picture of you two. And what on earth is that crazy cool looking toy? I'm wary though of the music with no 'off' button. We have a few of those in this house, and I have been accused of hiding them on purpose.

    P.S. I think in that first picture she looks a lot like Kip!

  3. Look at your parents being real adults too! isn't it fun when they grow up JuJu? Glad you kept everything in line while they were gone. Can we hire you to watch our dogs in a few weeks?