Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've been busy this week!  Mom is always worrying about how much things cost, my school, my swimming lessons, my baby foods.  So I told mom not to worry and I got a part-time job!

Since I know the most about baby stuff, it seemed like babysitting would be the best job for me.  And it worked out great - my friends Joey and Eliza needed a babysitter!  They're pretty much my first friends - last year mom watched them and I kicked them from inside mom's belly, and this year we get to all play together!  Plus, I'm super lucky because Eliza shares all her clothes with me and she has great taste.

The twins are pretty easy to watch.  Mostly we like to play toys. 

And I keep an eye on their big brother Ringo too.  He's usually snoozing on the couch. 

I help teach Eliza how to share by asking nicely to see her stuff.  I almost never grab her bink or take toys from her.

Joey and I love to play with his Mickey wand.  It's awesome.

I even watch the twins' big sister, Linnea, sometimes.  She's the nicest girl!  We play princess wands together and she lets me taste any wand I want!

Once in a while Linnea just wants to squish me and I let her.

Of course, sometimes the other babies need to rest.  When they're napping, I test all their toys and books to make sure they are still fun and delicious tasting.  I don't even charge extra for this service.  That's probably why I'm the best babysitter around.

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  1. I can't believe those are the same babies we waddled around with.