Friday, May 3, 2013


I learned something startling last week, Peeps.

Turns out, I don't have to wear eleventy layers of clothes everyday. I'm not destined to be in an undershirt and a sweatshirt and fifty hats forever.  Win!

Of course, it doesn't appear I'll be shaking this clown hat any time soon.

It's pretty great being a grown up baby-peep.  I like getting fresh air and sunning my toes and riding with my sister.

Sometimes Juj wants to work on her bicycle skills and then mom duct tapes me to her belly.

I suppose there are worse ways to be carted around.  At least there's a nice carrier I can chew on during the walk.

We are pretty cute in our Siamese-twin costume.

Unfortunately, with my delicate constitution, sometimes spring isn't warm enough for me and I still need some bundling, especially on long walks to pick up Juj from school.

It's still nice to walk even if I need a blanket.  But I wouldn't mind getting a chance to air out my toes again soon.

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