Friday, May 31, 2013


Hi Peeps.
I know.  You're disappointed in my blogging skills.  You're all, "Stu, Juj was a billion times better at blogging."  Guess what - Juj also took eight months to figure out rolling.  She had nothing better to do.

I've been busy.  I have rolling to do.  Sitting to do.  Drooling to do.  Shrieking to do.  

And growing to do.  Can you stand it?  I'm pretty much the best grower-peep ever.  Mom is all, "That's because you have lots of bonus night milks," and I'm all, "Is that really different than the cereal you inhale at 11 pm?"
I have things to tell you about so I'll try and take a break from my skill-acquisition to get writing.  I hope the keyboard is drool-proof.

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