Monday, September 16, 2013

After School

Guess what, Peeps!?  I didn't tell you the best part of school...

Bella is in my class again!

We are both so excited to be back in school together!

And our sisters are happy to babble at each other while they're waiting for us.

After my first day Lu wanted to hear all about school. She also wanted to lick my shoe but Mom was all, "Lu! We don't lick shoes!"

And then Lulu gave me a present! A Hanky-lunchbox! Amazing! She saw it at Target and knew I needed it. She's my best baby ever.

Since I'm a creature of habit, I thought we better take pictures after our second day of school too.

In fact, I'd probably have insisted on pictures after school every day but I missed my entire second week of school. Stupid virus. Remind me later to tell you about my awesome rash.

Emma and Lu like pictures too. But they also like eating grass, so their opinions don't count for too much.

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