Saturday, September 14, 2013


Another year, another preschool class.

I started my second year of preschool. No surprise, Hanky-guy and Hanky-backpack were along for the ride.  (Don't worry, Hanky-guy always waits in the car.)

I've grown a little in the past year.

I've been ready to go back to Creekside since the day I graduated from their toddler room. I love school.

I picked my own clothes for the first day. I picked how my fluff got styled (curly). And I picked my lunch (cheese sandwich [read: a piece of bread and some slices of cheese, never to be eaten together], berries and a pouch).

When Mom and Lu dropped me off, I got right to work playing.

Mom tried to linger. I was all, "Okay Mom, see you later alligator, after a while crocodile. I'll see you after school!" I'm pretty sure I heard a sniffle, but if I hadn't thrown her out, she might have stayed the whole day. Embarrassing.

I had an awesome first day of school. I love the art time and playground time and story time and getting to carry the milk for snack time (though I refuse to drink cold milk - gross). It's going to be a great year!

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