Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Orchard Fail

Today was my very first field trip to the apple cor-chard. I've been excited about this day for about eleventy years. 

I ate my breakfast speedy fast and mom got us all packed up to go. Then she made us take a ridiculous "we're about to go on a field trip yay!" picture. We got in the car. We drove and drove and drove. The sky turned black and stormy, I panicked, and we turned back for home. Field trip fail.

So we came back home and played games and toys and skills. Lulu worked on her picture taking skills. Flashes are hard.

We had fun even though I felt disappointed. Thankfully after I spoke to mom about it eleventy thousand times, I felt better.

Lulu was okay about the situation. She doesn't know how awesome apple cor-chards are.

I guess playing at home is pretty fun too.

And hopefully we'll get to go to the cor-chard soon. I want to go on a hay ride and pick apples and get pumpkins and do all the super fun stuff that cor-chards have.

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  1. ah, bummer, that weather that came through. Try again, it's worth it!