Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation Part Five

On my last morning in Chicago mom was all, "We have to see the big lake before we leave town!"  In theory this sounded like a splendid idea.  So after we went out for breakfast we  went to Fort Sheridan.

The lake was pretty neat looking from the path.  And it was huge!

Turns out, that was the only way the lake was neat.  The waves were way too loud and crashy when we got close.

I was completely unimpressed.  So mom snapped a couple pictures quickly to prove we were there and then we left town to head back to Madison.

I was super excited to get back to Auntie Maddie's apartment and see Maddie and Grandma.  To celebrate, I ate watermelon and made my best "cheese" faces.

We spent the rest of the evening with Maddie and Grandma, having dinner and getting ready for our big drive home in the morning.

To be sure mom wasn't lonely, I decided to sleep in her bed one more night.  I know she appreciated it.  She was all, "Thanks Peep!  I was hoping to have peep-legs and toe-talons all over me all night long!" and I was all, "You're welcome, I am here to make you happy."

I had a mega awesome first vacation.  I missed my dad and Sissy Dog a lot but I loved all my adventures (except the loud waves at the pond) and getting to eat in lots of restaurants and snooze with mom.  I hope we get to have another trip soon, but next time, I'm taking dad too.

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