Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation Part Two

The next morning after I had my milk and Mickey time, I had a little oatmeal breakfast.  Mom and I had to sneak around because Grandma and Auntie Maddie were still having a snooze.

Since I'm such a fan of breakfast I was all, "Mom, let's go eat again!" and mom was all, "That's a great idea, Peep, how about bagels!?"  Sometimes she just gets me.  I love bagels.  And I love restaurants that give me a cup AND a straw.

After breakfast we headed to the zoo.  I love zoos, but this one was extra awesome because they had two hanky-guys and they were sooo close to me.  I could practically pet them.

Even though there were lots of kids there, I could tell the hanky-guys loved me best.

I made sure we visited the turtles too.  I love turtles.  Unfortunately the turtles were near the snakes.  Turns out, I don't love snakes at all.

My friend Ethan came to the zoo too.  He was pretty nice, except he wouldn't share his b-guck with me - medium lame.  He's a baby though, so I didn't hold a grudge.  

Mom was a little sad because her very favorite polar bear was hard to see.  So I was all, "Look mom, I'm the cutest polar bear here!"  

After lots of fun (and possibly some tantrums and whining related to my lack of sleep the night before) at the zoo, I went back to Auntie Maddie's apartment for some lunch, a nap and some tats.  Obviously I need tats.  Who goes to a college campus and doesn't leave with a tattoo?!?

Stay tuned for part three!

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