Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vacation Part Four

After the zoo and my long rest in the car I woke up and mom was all, "Peep!  I have some things to show you!"

Mom brought me to see her old school!  Our first stop was a place mom lived and met lots of friends.  She was all, "Maybe you want to do candle passes and secret hand shakes and talk about founders someday too!" and I was all, "Mom, that sounds medium lame but I'll keep an open mind."

It was pretty fun to explore the houses.

Next mom took me to see a giant big arch.  I thought it was pretty awesome and was all, "Maybe I'll be a Wildcat too!" and mom was all, "That would be great, as long as you're a genius-peep on scholarship or an athlete-peep on scholarship!"

Finally we took a break from walking around to sit on the steps of an apartment and sing "Where is Thumbkin."  I'm sure that all the people living there enjoyed my concert.

When our Northwestern exploration was done, we drove a little again to see friends Caitlin and Mike.  They had a mega fun house with toys and puppies!

But even better - Caitlin loves ice cream just like me!

After we had a yummy pasta dinner we went out for ice cream and I got my very own.

That night we had a sleepover at Caitlin and Mike's house.  I was a champion sleeper.  It was so much fun to visit them.

Stay tuned for part five!

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