Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vacation Part One

After twenty-six months of house arrest, I finally got to go on my first peep-cation a week ago!  It was awesome!

A lot of work went into getting ready.  I was super helpful with the packing.

Once we got on the road mom was all, "Grandma can drive and I'll sit in the back with you, Peep," but I was all, "I need a little privacy, mom."  I'm two years old.  I don't need to be watched all the time.

We took a nice break at a lovely place with flowers and rocks.  I thought it was neat but mom was all, "This is just a rest stop, Peep, it's not that exciting."  Hmph.  She always has to ruin my fun.

Finally we arrived at our first stop - Madison!  I was so excited to see Auntie Maddie and all the awesome stuff in her apartment.  I found lots of monkeys, a microphone (baseball on a shot glass), and lots of windows to peek out.

We went out for dinner and I ate my sandwich like a big girl.  I only dropped it on the floor once.  But don't worry, over a week later and I don't appear to have any damage.

After dinner I was all, "Let's go explore the campus.  I  want to experience college life!"  So we went to a lake and saw ducks and drunk kids and heard music and had lots of fun.

Since there were so many older, cool kids around, I thought I better try and spruce up my look a little.  I'm pretty sure the lip balm made me look at least two and a half.

I had a really fun first night.  Even better, mom felt bad that I was a little unsure of my surroundings so I got to sleep with her in a big bed!  Amazing.  The next morning I was relieved to find out mom remembered to bring milk and Mickey on our trip.

Stay tuned for part two!

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